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Online Casinos Advantage Play Mines Games on Lucky Cola

1. Specific Clauses in T&C

Similarly to land based gambling businesses, live dealer casinos frown at advantage play (AP) and have little tolerance for card counters. Apart from the countermeasures described above, online operators incorporate specific clauses in their terms and conditions to protect themselves against advantage players.

2. Live Dealer Casinos Refuse Service to AP Customers

Live casino operators reserve the right to refuse servicing players suspected of using techniques that enable them to circumvent the house advantage built into the games. An excerpt from PlayOJO’s terms of use states the casino reserves the right to partially or entirely withhold the balance of customers who engage in prohibited practices. By ‘prohibited practices’, the operator means the following:

This is one of many examples as most online gambling companies frown at these practices.

On a side note, we would like to point out that the wording above is a bit inaccurate since card counting is neither cheating nor fraudulent.

Apart from withholding the winnings associated with counting, players might have their accounts terminated and their deposits retained in favor of the casino.

3. The Casino Software Also Tracks the Cards

The live casino software enables online operators to closely monitor the gameplay and track all cards dealt out at the live blackjack tables. It is difficult to avoid detection when card counting because the practice requires you to frequently change your bets. Casinos observe for such irregular betting patterns and use them to quickly identify advantage players.

What You Can Do Instead of Card Counting

Now that it is clear card counting is largely ineffective at live dealer casinos, the question arises what can online players do to improve their situation. There are several ways to achieve this, including using perfect basic strategy, finding variations with favorable rules, and managing your bankroll adequately.

Use Perfect Basic Strategy

Scout for Tables with Lower House Edges

Manage Your Bankroll Adequately

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