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Play Features Mines Games Ph and Review Summary

The gameplay loop of Mines follows the classic Minesweeper formula. Once you choose your desired settings and place your bet, you’ll get to start flipping the game’s tiles. If you uncover a Diamond symbol, your current win will go up, and you’ll be able to decide to either stop or continue. If you uncover a Bomb symbol, on the other hand, the given game round will end.

What makes Mines special in the context of the Minesweeper niche is the sheer number of settings you can choose from. Most other Minesweeper casino games come with fixed grids, but you can choose from as many as four here – 3x3, 5x5, 7x7, and 9x9. You can also manually adjust the number of Bomb tiles, and you can go for essentially any number you want!

Review Summary

If you are one of those players that want to have absolute control over the settings of their Minesweeper games, this is clearly a great choice. Sure, the presentation isn’t perfect, but that’s a minor price to pay for being able to customize all the details!

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