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Earning More Comps over Christmas in Online Mines Game Casino

Being overwhelmed with all of the bonuses and online and mobile casino promotions freely available to you over the Christmas break is something that you are going to have to get used to as a casino player!

In fact every single one of our featured and top rated online casinos sites and mobile casinos sites have some form of special promotional available over the Festive period. It is with that in mind that we have chosen to put together a range of guides that will enlighten you as to the many different bonus offers and casino promotions available.

One aspect of you choosing to log onto any casino site and start to play their range of slots over the Christmas period is that many of those sites will be giving you the ability to claim a range of what are known as enhanced comp point’s related promotions.

These are simply a way to reward your loyalty and when you choose to get stuck into playing almost if not all of a casinos Christmas themed slot games you will find you can earn double or even treble the number of comp points as you would playing them at any other time of the year!

To find out which casinos have these types of promotional offers available we would suggest you spend a little bit of time looking at each of our approved casinos websites and by clicking on their respective promotions page that is where you will discover whether those sites are offer this type of promotion!

What Are Comp Points?

Comp points are a way for players who are playing any online or mobile casino games in a real money playing environment to get some added value for their real money gaming action.

Every casino you will come across featured throughout our website will have some form of unique comp club. By playing any of the slot games or in fact any other type of casino game for real money every single time you place a wager on those game you will be earning a number of comp points based on how much you wager during that session.

Those comp points are added to your comp club account which you can access via the casino software, and by doing so you will be able to see just how many comp points you have amassed to date.

Depending on just which online or mobile casino site you have chosen to play at you will find that once you have saved up enough comp points you can then instantly swap those points for casino credits.

It will be best for you to actually compare just which casinos are offering their own unique comp club as those that do tend to give you much more playing value, as opposed to casinos that have a standard type of comp club on offer.

One thing to note is that it does not matter if you win or lose when you are playing casino games in a real money environment, you are still going to be awarded comp points as they are awarded on the value of the wagers you place and how many wagers you do place instead of whether you are winning or losing!

What Other Christmas Bonuses are Available

Being a time of year when most people do manage to set aside a little bit of spare time, over the Christmas period a whole slew of different promotional offers will be made available to you from all online casino sites.

Experience has shown us that one of the mostly commonly offered bonuses over Christmas will be a deposit match bonus if you play in the run up to or over the Christmas break. So do be on the lookout for those types of bonuses are they will often give your bankroll a huge boost in value when you do!

Plus do not forget that when you are using bonus credits you are still going to be earning comp points as you play with those credits, so there will be even more value to be had when making use of those deposit match bonuses coupled with the casino comp clubs.


All in all you are going to have plenty of different bonuses available to you throughout December, and to get the best playing value you need to read the terms and condition of each bonus offered to you and then compare those terms and conditions with those offered by different casino sites.

For whilst there are some very high valued bonuses up for grabs not only at Christmas but at any time of the year the terms and conditions always dictate whether the bonuses are going to be worth you claiming or not. So do check them out before you simply take the plunge and make a deposit to claim any bonus offered to you!

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