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Why Do Progressive Slots Mines Game Casino Have Low Payout Percentages?

As we do know that a lot of slot machine players are very savvy and will always be researching the slot games that are available to them, then it may not have escaped your notice that when you checkout what is on offer by way of online progressive slot games, you will often spot that these types of games come with some very low long term payout percentages, and you may be wondering why.

The payout percentage that any slot game offers is simply the amount of cash that is going to be returned to players over the long term based on the amount of cash fed into that machine and played off. You will often find that payout percentages are referred to as RTP, and this means Return to Player, and this information can often be found either on the pay table of a slot game or buried deep in the help files attached to any online slot.

The most appealing online slot games are always those which come with a slightly enhanced and higher than average payout percentage, and when logged into most online casinos it is not going to be too difficult to find a range of slots offering payout percentage in excess of 96%, and as a player looking for the maximum winning opportunities then you are advised to play slots which boast the very highest payout percentages and avoid playing any slot which has a RTP of lower than 96%!

However, what you will find is that all progressive slot games come with very low payout percentages and in this slot playing guide we will take a look at just how low these RTP’s are on a range of online slot machines which boast at least one progressive jackpot and will enlighten you why the payout percentages are so low!

How Low are Progressive Slot Game RTP’s?

The most played online progressive slot games are those which are on offer at Microgaming software powered online casino sites. Their range of progressive jackpot paying slot games are all networked together so you can play them and win of their jackpots when playing them at either online casino sites or mobile casino sites that utilize their gaming platforms and range of casino games.

With this in mind we shall now enlighten you on just how low the long term expected payout percentages are on several Microgaming progressive slot games. Be aware that these RTP’s are low due to a certain percentage of your stakes are going to be used to both feed and seed the progressive jackpot prize pools!

Microgaming have several identical slot games that share the same name and the same jackpot pools but are designed as either three reel slots or video slot games, the first slot we would like to introduce you to is their Cash Splash slot game.

When you are playing the three reel version of this slot you will be playing a slot boasting a payout percentage of 91.51% however if you choose to play the multi line version of this slot the payout percentage is slightly higher working out at some 92.62%, so as you will have a choice of two Cash Splash slots to play you will be better off opting to play the video slot version to take advantage of that larger RTP!

One progressive jackpot awarding slot game you will find offered at all Microgaming powered casino sites is their nine payline Egyptian themed Treasure Nile slot, this game has fixed coin levels and as such may not really be suitable for low stake players, and the long term expected payout percentage you will be up against when playing this quite colour progressive jackpot slot is 92.11%.

We have just enough space to let you know about one more Microgaming designed progressive slot game and that is the King CashaLot slot. This is another of the video slot games Microgaming have released on which you will not only be able to win a large non progressive jackpot when playing the base game in addition to the progressives jackpot but this game also boasts a basic type of pick and win bonus feature round.

If you like the sound of this slot and you are wondering just how high its long term expected payout percentage is then you may or may not be impressed when we tell you that the RTP of this slot game is set to return to players over the long term some 90.47% of their stakes as winning payouts.


Whilst it is always going to be beneficial for you to stick to playing any online slot games that have the highest payout percentages, there will always come a time as a player when you fancy giving a progressive slot game at least a little bit of play time.

Even though as you have just found out, the RTP’s on these types of slot games can be very low, the value of the progressive jackpot or jackpots on offer will often reach a point where those games become playable, and as such if you do fancy getting stuck into playing progressive slots then only give them some play time when their jackpots have exceeded the value at which they are usually won.

By playing progressive slot games when their jackpots are much greater in value than usual, then those jackpots will be overdue, and whilst there is no guarantee that you will win one of those larger than average jackpot payouts, when they have grown to record braking amounts that does of course mean they are overdue, and an overdue progressives jackpot is much more likely to be won than a jackpot is going to be awarded on a slot game that has just paid its jackpot out recently.

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