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Why Do I Never Seem to Win Playing Video Poker Mines Games Casino?

Video Poker is a casino card game that unlike other card games available online does not use a Dealer to deal out the cards used on each game. Instead it is a gaming machine that you will be playing video poker games on, which is quite similar to a slot machine.

When playing video poker you will be given a few options in regards to how you will be able to play that game, you will first have to select a coin value you wish to play and then you will need to decide how many coins you will play per hand dealt out to you.

Once you have made your decisions in regards to the staking options you click onto the Deal button and five playing cards are dealt out of a single deck and placed face up on the video poker machine screen.

You then have the option of holding any of those cards or you can discard any of them and any cards you discard are replaced by new ones randomly dealt out of the single deck. The aim of playing video poker is simply to form any of the winning hand combinations that you will see listed on the pay table, and when you do so you are then paid out the associated number of coins for the hand you have formed.

Increasing Your Winning Chances Playing Video Poker

There are a few different things that you can make use of to have something of an increased chance of winning when playing video poker games, and as such we shall now give you a quick run through of each of them.

The first way is by you using casino bonuses that will enable you to boost your initial starting bankroll, but make sure you are never being tied into a huge set of play through requirements when taking any bonus offer.

Another way that you will completely negate the chance of you making any playing errors when playing video poker games is to use the auto hold option setting, turning on that player adjustable option settings will see the video poker games software holding the most strategic cards once you have been dealt out your initial hand automatically.

One final way to ensure you will get the maximum chance of winning when playing video poker games is to make a point of only ever playing the video poker game variants with the very highest payout percentages, so are sure that is always something you do!

Video Poker Gamble Game

There is often an optional gamble game that you can make use of when playing some video poker games, and by taking that gamble game you will be risking the amount of cash you won on the base game by having to play off some form of guessing game.

The one type of video poker game gamble game you will find attached to most video poker games is one on which to double your base game win amount you have to predict one of several face down playing cards form the bonus game screen and hope that it is a higher valued one than the face up card.

If you do guess correctly then your base game winnings are doubled and you will then be given the option of taking that gamble game an additional time.

However, if you make an incorrect guess you will lose everything you own on the bas hand, and as such it is a risky proposition, but one that you may be interested in making use of if you fancy trying to boost the value of some of the lower valued winning hand combinations that have been dealt out to you on the base game.


The one additional thing to keep in mind about playing video poker games is that every single variant you will come across will not only have a different pay table and set of winning hand combinations that can and will eventually be dealt out to you, but they will also play off with a different long term payout percentage too.

The savviest of video poker players are not only going to ensure that they know how to play video poker games of every description optimally and with the very best playing strategy in place, but they will also be making a beeline to play only those games which boast the highest long term expected payout percentages.

With that in mind please do make use of our additional video poker playing guides we have compiled and loaded up and made available on our website, as by doing so you will then be able to discover just which video poker games offer the very highest possible long term payout percentages!

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