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Which Slots Have the Most Wild Symbols in Online Mines Game Casino?

You will find that virtually every single slot game you can access and play online will have some form of wild symbols in play on their respective reels. Wild symbols being symbols that will stand in for all standard reel symbols are the ones which all players will not mind spinning in, for the more of them that do appear the more chance of forming multiple winning combinations you will have!

However, it is going to be the slots on which you will either find lots of reel symbols attached to their reels or slots which have special wild symbols in play which you will be looking to play, for you are going to instantly increase your chance of getting lots of winning combinations when you choose to play those slot games online.

With that in mind we have compiled the following slot guide to enlighten you as to which slots can and often will spin in lots of wild symbols due solely to how those slot games have been designed. So keep on reading for details of just which slot game you should be looking to play to have a much increased chance of forming lot of winning combinations thanks to the wild symbols attached to the reels of those slots!

Wild Reels Bonus Game Slots

There is a range of slot games from Microgaming that has a fairly standard set of wild symbols in play on the reels and as you would expect they will appear on various reel positions as you are playing those slot games.

However, at random you could be awarded with a bonus game known collectively as the Wild Reels Bonus Game and when you are then a potentially large number of wild symbols will get added to the reels. These bonus games are triggered a s soon as you click on the spin button so there is no way of knowing when they will be awarded to you for you do not need to spin in scatter or bonus symbols!

When trigger then you will see one to five of the reels being filled with wild symbols, and you will not need us to tell you that the more reels that are covered completely in those wild symbols the better your chances are going to be of forming a winning combinations.

The slot games which have these wild reel bonus games attached to them are the Immortal Romance slot game and that slots bonus feature is known as the Wild Desire bonus game. The Thunderstruck II Slot game also has one of these wild reels bonus games attached to that slot and that bonus game is known as the Wild Storm bonus game feature.

In fact there are numerous Microgaming slots offering such a bonus game and another one is the Finer Reels of Life slot. What makes these slots quite similar is that they are designed as All Ways slot which means when playing them for one set number of coins you are playing 243 ways of forming a winning combination on each spin you play off.

That therefore give you the chance of being awarded with 243 jackpot paying winning combinations if during the wild reel bonus game all five reels get covered in wild symbols!

Another slot game which has what are known as Staked Wild Reel Symbols is the Summer Holiday slot game, this slot has 100 paylines on offer and it is possible to get a screen full of wild symbols spinning in when they those symbols spin in and land in their stacked formation.

Another slot game which has a similar playing structure to the Summer Holiday slot game is the CashaPillar slot game and that slot also has 100 optional paylines and when playing it you can spin in a screen full of wild symbols.


As you will find their a lots of different types of wild symbols which can be found attached to the reels of many different online slot games, what you should always do when you come across a new slot game you have never played before is take a look at the pay table attached to those slots.

By studying the pay table if the wild symbols in play on any slot you do come across which you have never played before has any additional features attached to the wild symbols you will find out exactly how that wild symbols works and operates.

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