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Which Online Poker Mines Games Tips have the Lowest House Edge?

There are many factors to take into account if you are thinking of playing casino poker card games online in regards to the house edges on offer on those quite popular types of card games, and as such I will now let you know what can and will affect the house edge of such games.

The first thing to take note of that is very important when playing such games is that you will often find a side bet option can be placed when playing such games which will open up a range of bonus winning payouts when you have been dealt out certain hand combinations.

However, those side bets will have a negative effect on the overall house edge of such games so I would urge you never to place such a side bet as over time it will eat away at your bankroll rather quickly too!

Also it will be the range of payouts on offer on any casino poker card game that will give a direct effect on the house edge of any such games so you will always need to study and compare those payouts or you may just end up paying a very low paying game with a huge house edge!

Different Versions of the Same Casino Poker Game

Another aspect of playing casino poker card games is that it will often be dependent on just which designers version of the same games you are playing that could see you ending up playing either a higher paying variant or in some cases a much lower paying variant.

A prime example is the game of 3 card poker, for many casino game designers will have launched their own version of that game, and in some instances it could have a slightly different name, but effectively it will be the same game.So look out for games also called Tri Card Poker as those games are basically 3 Card Poker games with a slight different name.

When you do find several versions of that game available to you, which you always will do depending on just which designer’s games any casino sites you are playing at offer, the pay tables can be ever so slightly different.

So be aware that even though you may think you are playing a 3 Card Poker game that has standard payouts on offer on it, you may actually be playing a version with some lower payouts which in turn makes the house edge even higher on those games!

Progressive Jackpot Awarding Casino Poker Games

Progressive jackpot awarding casino poker card games are also on offer to players, and you will often be tempted to give those games a try, for when you do go about doing so you do of course have the chance of winning the progressive seen ticking away on the jackpot ticker meter!

But keep in mind that those games will only be offering a low house edge when the jackpot is a fair sized one, and to get anywhere near the expected house edge you will have to take winning that progressive jackpot into account.

Therefore the best way to play those types of games is to wait until their jackpots are over and above a certain value and not near their seed values which they will be if those jackpots have recently been won.

However, there is often a requirement to have to place a bonus side bet when playing such games and it is that side bet that can make the house edge much, much higher than that offered on just the base game of those card games!


When and if you do decide to give any casino poker card games a try what I would always advise you to do is to fully master the art of playing those games, for it can often be the case that all of your playing and betting decisions you make as the games are in full flow will affect your overall winning chances.

Whilst you may not be able to play those types of games for free and at no risk to master playing them at no cost if there is a progressive jackpot on offer on some versions of those games you will find the non progressive jackpot paying ones can be accessed and played for free at most casino sites.

By playing for free you are then going to rather quickly learn just what is the best playing and betting decisions to make when faced with any initial hand combinations, and by doing so when you then switch over to playing for real money you will not be increasing the house edge by making playing and betting errors.

Another thing to always keep in mind though is that the very best card game you can ever play in regards to playing those with the very lowest house edges are the Blackjack game variants of which you will find plenty of them available at most online and even mobile casino sites!

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