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Which Loyalty Schemes Award More Bonus Credits in Mines Games Casino?

You will always want to be rewarded when you do sign up to any online or mobile casino sites in regards to your loyalty and your gambling action, and that is something that can take the form of many different things depending on where you decide to play online.

Each casino site will offer you some form of loyalty scheme and in the casino industry loyalty schemes are known as comp clubs. The way in which they work is very easy to understand for every single wager you place on any casino game will see your earning something known as comp points.

Those points will be credited to your comp club account on every wager you do place on any type of casino game and it doesn’t matter if your bets and wagers win or lose you will always be earning them if you are playing for real money.

When you earn enough of those points you can then exchange then for playing credits, so you get an additional chance of winning when you then set about playing off those playing credits, but the number of point you will earn and the redemption rates can and do vary at different casino sites.

Standard Comp Club Loyalty Schemes

Most online casinos tend to use a fairly standard type of gaming platform on which you are going to find games available from one single software and game company.

When you come across such casino sites you will often find that they have a fairly standard type of comp club loyalty scheme in place at those casino sites, so there is going to be nothing unusual about the number of points you will earn and the redemption rates for turning them into playing credits.

So for example if you choose to play at a casino site that exclusively offers for example Microgaming, Playtech or NetEnt designed and supplied casino games you will not be rewarded more by way of comp points and playing credits than you would do when playing at other sites using the same range of games.

However, there are some casino sites that have an instant play type of gaming platform that offer games from lots of different suppliers and game designers, and those sites can and do often offer a much more unique type of comp club scheme.

Unique Casino Comp Clubs

It will be one of those casino sites that do offer their players a range of casino games from many different suppliers that you should consider signing up to and play at for it is those casinos that tend to offer their own unique type of comp clubs.

You will often find when playing at such a site in a real money playing environment you can earn more comp points when playing certain casino games and you will often find that the redemption rates for turning your comp points into playing credits are much more generous too.

You are often going to find also that those types of comp clubs are designed in such a way that the more points you earn will move you up to another level in the comp club and that is where even more benefits will then start to flow your way.

Often by moving up any number of levels you earn even more comp points, get even more generous redemption rates and also get offer much more generous bonuses on an ongoing basis, so your loyalty and gambling action is going to be rewarded at those casino sites for sure!


As you have just discovered there can and will be a lot of additional playing value if you do carefully pick out just which casino sites you play at and always aim to play at those casino sites that have a much more generous and unique and exclusive type of comp club scheme in place.

So try never and be too blinded by any casinos welcome sign up bonus offer, for what you will often find is that those casino sites that do tend to offer a huge valued welcome bonus offer will not be as generous when it comes to their comp clubs!

You will always be rewarded for your gambling action when playing at casino sites for real money, but also try not to be obsessed with moving up another level if you are playing at a casino site that does offer a multi level comp club scheme for you can often find you have to spend a fortune trying to get up to the next level of those comp clubs!

The amount of comps you will however earn as you do progress through the levels of a comp club can often see you getting much more than you ever would when you are on a lower level, so one way to achieve a higher level will be to concentrate all of your real money gambling action at just one casino site and not by spreading it around at various different casino sites!

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