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Which Countries Prohibit Credit Card Mines Games Pattern Gambling

Digital payment methods have become part and parcel of online gambling, allowing players to effortlessly transfer funds to and from their real-money accounts. Online gamblers now face a cornucopia of convenient, swift, and cost-effective banking solutions that facilitate highly secure casino deposits and withdrawals.

Online banking, e-wallets, prepaid solutions, and credit cards are the most common ways to bank at online casinos. With that said, the number of countries that enforce restrictions on credit card gambling has been consistently on the rise in recent years.

Credit cards have started to fall into disfavor with gambling regulators and several jurisdictions have already vetoed their use for gambling purposes in an effort to protect players, curb problem gambling, and prevent overspending with borrowed funds.

In this article, we look at the jurisdictions that currently prohibit credit card gambling, the reasoning behind the bans, and the alternative payment methods available to online players from said countries.

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