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What is Unique about the Dice Mines Games Tips of Sic Bo?

There are often going to be quite a lot of different casino table game you will come across, when you start playing at any online casino sites, and many of those games you may never have seen or played before.

One game that may catch your eye however is a game that goes by the name of Sicbo, and whilst on the face of it, when you first see the betting layout you may feel it is a very complicated and hard to play game, the opposite is in fact true!

The way in which Sicbo has been designed is that three dice are going to be rolled, and before they are you have a wide and very varied range of different betting opportunities that will become available to you.

What you are faced with having to do is to try and predict the outcome of the roll of those three dice, You can pick just one number that you think is going to be rolled in, the value of two numbers or even place a bet on what you think all three upwards facing faces of those dice will be showing once they are rolled!

Low and High Risk Sicbo Bets

The beauty of playing Sicbo online is that you are always going to be able to place a range of completely different bets that are going to allow you to pick the element of risk attached to each and every single roll of the dice you play off.

There are some very high risk bets available, such as you placing a bet on whether all three of the dice will roll in the same number, but the payouts for those high risk bets are of course very high, so if you want to try and win big that is something you are always going to be able to do.

There are also lots of low risk bets you can place too and as such if you are the type of casino game player who doesn’t want to have too many risks attached to the casino table game you play then simply opt for one of the much lower paying betting opportunities.

Make no mistake about it though, as soon as you do start to play Sicbo you are going to love the rapid fire way the game plays and with some luck in playing you could of course win big!

Comps and Bonuses for Sicbo Players

Whilst you are always going to have the option of playing Sicbo games online with your own money, if you do want to get much more playing value and get some much longer Sicbo playing sessions then it will be worth your time and effort hunting around for the casino sites that are offering you some valued packed bonus offers.

Not every casino however is going to be offering bonuses that can be used and played off on Sicbo games and as such it is very important that you make a point of reading through the terms and conditions attached to any bonuses you may be thinking about claiming to see if you can use them on Sicbo games.

However, when you do find a bonus that can be used on Sicbo games then you will definitely get more play time! Also, as all casino sites do have some form of comp club scheme or loyalty club on offer to their real money players when you do set about paying Sicbo with real money credits you can quickly earn a lot of comp points too!


My advice to anyone that is thinking about playing Sicbo online who may never had done so before is to first play the game via the demo mode version on offer at any of our featured casino sites.

By playing that game for free then you will not be putting any of your own money at risk whilst you learn how to play it, and you will also be able to judge for yourself whether it really is going to be a game that you will enjoy playing for real money at a time in the future.

Also, do try and place a range of different bets when you are playing for free as that way you can learn about the element of risk and the variance each betting opportunity does have on offer to you.

Once you are good and ready to start playing Sicbo for real money then you will be able to switch over to the real money version of the game, and will then be able to put into play any unique betting strategies and playing systems you have devised and developed as you were initially playing for free, but I do feel you will enjoy playing Sicbo for sure!

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