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What is the Premier Blackjack Online Mines Game Casino?

You are going to come across more than enough Online Blackjack Games when you choose to play them online, for it doesn’t really matter which Casino Gaming Platform you choose you are going to find lots of different variants on offer.

There is of course going to be some new variants that are made available to players as more and more game designers choose to launch new games and one Blackjack game which you will now find offer on Microgaming’s online and mobile gaming platform is their Premier Blackjack game variant.

The name of this game does imply there is something special and unique about this game, and as we always like to keep our casino game playing website visitors fully informed in regards to all of the many different types of games they are going to have available to them when playing online, in this guide we shall give you an overview and a range of playing hints and tips on this brand new Blackjack game!

Playing Structure of the Premier Blackjack Game

There are just two decks of playing cards in the shoe of Microgaming’s Premier Blackjack game and it is always worth remembering that when you play any Blackjack game online or via a mobile gaming platform supplied by this company the cards are always fully shuffled before a new hand is dealt out and put into play.

This does of course mean you will not be able to count cards when playing Premier Blackjack online like you should be able to do if you were playing Blackjack games in a land based casino venue! You will discover that the Dealer is going to always be forced, due to the playing rules of this game, to stand his hand whenever it has a value of 17, that does of course include both soft and hard 17’s

Premier Blackjack is played as a multi hand Blackjack game and as such players are able to play from one to five hands per game, the minimum stake required to play this game online is 1.00 and depending on just which online casino site you those to play it at the maximum stake limits usually around the 200.00 mark. If you are playing all five hands and place a maximum bet on all five hands that will mean you are going to be wagering a large 1000.00 in total on that single game which means this game is of course very suitable to high rolling players as well as low rolling players.

The game has been designed as No Peek game and as such players will be dealt all of their cards face up and the Dealer only initially deals himself one initial card and will not deal his remaining cards until you have made your betting and playing decisions on all of the hands you have chosen to put in to play.

Players have several very liberal game playing rules when playing the Premier Blackjack game online, one of them is that they can double down when they have been dealt out an initial hard 9, 10 or 11 valued hand combination.

Players can of course split a matching pair if same valued cards but players can only split those cards once on each hand they are playing, the only matching valued cards you cannot split are unalike 10 valued cards such as Jack and a Ten.

Should any player have split a hand and any of the hands split ends up with an Ace and any 10 valued cards then instead of the Blackjack hand payout of 3 to 2 a reduced even money winning payout is awarded when that hand combination is dealt out after a split.

Hints and Playing Tips for Playing Premier Blackjack

If you want a few playing hints and tips regarding how to play the Premier Blackjack game, then one piece of advice we can give you is to make sure that you never take insurance when it has been offered as that bet comes with a huge house edge!

Another valuable playing tip of playing Premier Blackjack is that you should always split any pair of Aces you have been dealt out, never be tempted to hit that as splitting a pair of Aces is the best strategic playing move.

One final word of advice is in regards to how to play off any pair of ten valued playing cards that you have been dealt out to any of the hands you have put into live play, if you do get dealt out a pair of tens then always stand those hands and never split them.


As you have just found out this new Premier Blackjack game is simply a multi hand version of Microgaming’s long established European Blackjack game variant, and the only way that you are going to get the maximum winning opportunities as a player is for you to make sure you stick to playing the Blackjack games on offer at any online casino site perfectly and with perfect playing strategy in place.

Not only that but you also need to track down and only ever play the Blackjack Games with the Lowest House Edges, for by doing that out will find over time more of your stakes get returned to you as winning payouts if you play those game optimally.

With that in mind you are going to be much better off playing the Classic Blackjack single and variant when logged into a Microgaming powered online casino site, for when you do that you will be playing a variant offering optimal players a house edge of a very manageable 0.13%, which is actually much lower than the house edged offer on the Premier Blackjack game variant!

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