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What Is the 5 Slot Machine Strategy? Does It Really Work?

Every once in a while you come across yet another gambling strategy that people claim works. But where does the truth end and the myth begins? How much of it is wishful thinking and how much is rooted in reality? Is it really a tactic or have some people simply been luckier than others?

Today we’re breaking down another one of those gambling strategies called the “five slot machine strategy” or “five spin slot strategy”. Stick around while we explain what the strategy refers to and investigate if it’s real or not.

The Concept of the 5 Slot Machine Strategy

Everyone wants to know how to win at slots, which is where the numerous gambling strategies come into play. Today’s topic: the five slot machine strategy. So, why do people claim it works and what is it?

The 5 slot machine strategy was first introduced by a YouTuber named Professor Slots. He claims that you have a higher chance of winning on slots if you play up to 5 spins on one slot machine. And then what do you do? Why, you move on to the next slot and once again make up to 5 bets. And then you move to the next slot machine… You see where we’re going with this, right?

Additionally, the strategy says that even if you manage to nab a win, you should move on to the next slot. In other words, you never stay on the machine no matter how profitable it may seem. And you always spin the reels up to five times. No more.

5 Slot Machine Strategy Way-to-Play

How would we break down this strategy? Simply put, you’d:

  • Pick a slot machine

  • Make up to five bets on said slot

  • Move on to the next slot machine after 5 spins (even if the 5th spin happens to be the winning one)

How Many Spins Should You Play on a Slot Machine?

So far we’ve laid out the theory. However, here’s where the reality kicks in. No matter how many times you spin the reels of an online slot, you cannot predict when exactly it is going to pay out.

Essentially, this is because all online slots use a Random Number Generator (RNG) which ensures all outcomes are always random and there is no way to influence or predict when a slot machine is about to pay out. If it so happens that you win, it is only because the win was randomly triggered at the moment of playing.

However, what you can always do is check what the RTP of an online slot is and how volatile your slot game of choice is. Still, neither is a guarantee.

Does the 5 Spin Method Really Increase Your Chances for Winning?

So, here we are. Does the five spin method really work? If you know how slot machines work, you may have already guessed the answer yourself.

As the theory relies on the “cold” versus “hot” slots (slots that are not paying out versus the slots that are about to pay out), a theory that has long since been disputed, you can see why no one can guarantee the success of the 5 spin method, either.

The truth is, the five slot machine strategy has not been proven to work. Yes, once more because it bears repeating: this is because slot games use the Random Number Generator to make sure their payouts are arbitrary.

5 Slot Machine Strategy at a Glance

Ultimately, everybody wants to win at online casino games which is why they will search high and low for gambling strategies that work. However, when it comes to online slots in particular, don’t believe every single word you read or hear, especially online. Theories rise every day and people claim that their tactic is different but more often than not said strategy will turn out to be nothing more than a hoax or a viral trick. What’s important to remember is that slot games are made to be random and thus fair, which means winning is based on luck.

So, make sure you always keep in mind that your chances of winning are the same no matter if you play on one online slot or move on to others, have fun, gamble responsibly and… well, good luck!

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