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Every gambler loves a casino bonus. Whether it’s free spins on slot machines, or a no deposit bonus, most casinos offer them because players like them. But experienced players know that not all bonuses are what they appear to be upon the first review. When you read the small edition, there are some exciting conditions:

  • Minimum Deposits – The least amount you’ll need to deposit to activate a bonus. No deposit bonuses are excluded from these.

  • Win Limits – The highest amount you can get in terms of real money you can withdraw.

  • Wagering Requirements – The number of times you’ll need to bet a bonus before withdrawing.

What Are Wagering Requirements? The initial thing to know about wagering requirements is that they go by several other titles. Some casinos call them rollover requirements, and others call them playthrough requirements. It depends on the casino, and it also depends on what portion of the world you’re playing in. The term “playthrough requirements” is often accepted for sports betting bonuses, whereas the other two relate to casino bonuses. For example, consider any random casino offering a 100% deposit match of up to $100 for all new members. However, the wagering requirements are 20x. It means that if you deposit the complete $100, you’ll have to make $2,000 wagers before you can withdraw the bonus. Some players immediately mock wagering requirements and dismiss casino bonuses which have them as a scam. This is a mistake for three reasons:

  1. Casinos are businesses, and they have to manage their risk. They can’t afford for too many players to win and withdraw bonus cash.

  2. Wagering requirements are not impossible to beat.

  3. There are lots of casino bonuses with low wagering requirements, which are much easier to beat.

Wagering requirements may look like a scam if you don’t read the terms and conditions and understand them. However, as an intelligent player who has read this far, that’s not going to happen to you. Instead, you’ll know all about wagering requirements and will carefully pick which games you play to have the best chance of beating them. We hope it’s apparent that you have virtually zero chance of winning bonuses with 100x wagering requirements. Imagine the same $100 bonus mentioned above with a requirement of 40x. Suddenly, you have to make $4,000 worth of bets with the bonus cash before you can withdraw it. You’ll have to be incredibly lucky to win and successfully wager that much. Game Weighting: Not All Games Are Equal Another critical concept to understand about casino wagering requirements is game weighting. When you make a bet, each game has a “weight” that counts toward the requirements. So, for example, slots weigh 100% at most online casinos, whereas games like blackjack might only consider 10%. Why do casinos do this? It’s because of the house edge. Games like blackjack have a tiny house edge. Giving you 100% game weighting on blackjack as a bonus would tilt the odds in your favor, and the casino would soon go bust. With slots, casinos have a much greater house edge so that they can afford that risk. Choose a Low Wagering Bonus You’d be thrilled at how many players go for a bigger bonus with bigger wagering requirements than a tinier one with lower wagering requirements. But, of course, we all love something for nothing, so you can’t blame naive players for this. However, a player might rather have a $50 bonus with 10x wagering requirements than a $500 bonus with 40x wagering requirements. Have a Strategy to Beat Wagering Requirements? Some players claim there are no effective strategies for slot machines; you have to spin and hope for the best. That may be accurate when playing slots on an ordinary day, but it’s not true when it comes to beating playthrough requirements. Here are a couple of strategies to beat them:

  • Make small bets on low variance slot machines. These games payout small amounts more often. This means you can rack up plenty of wins without depleting your balance quickly. With an hour or two to spare, you should be able to meet wagering requirements. Play minimum stakes, and don’t forget to consider the RTP, too.

  • The second strategy is the exact opposite. You’ll want to play medium or high variance slot machines and play with medium stakes. Preferably, they should have lucrative bonus features with beefy multipliers. It would help if you played these with more free spins, such as 100 or 200. The big wins will keep your balance topped up long enough to beat wagering requirements.

Pick the Best Slots for Wagering Each casino bonus will have a list of approved games you can use for free spins and bonus cash on. However, we can tell you that you’ll rarely be able to play progressive jackpot slots like Mega Moolah with free spins. Consider the following questions to decide the best slots for wagering :

  • Which strategy are you going to practice to beat wagering requirements?

  • How many free spins do you have at your disposal?

  • What’s the RTP of the slot machine you’re considering?

Are there casinos with no Wagering Requirements? Yes, there are, and they’re becoming more popular. These casinos emerged in the hyper-competitive market and have caught on like wildfire.

  • Sloty Casino– Welcome Bonus Up To $1500

  • LeoVegas Casino– Welcome Bonus Up To $1000

As more players become conscious of how difficult it can be to beat wagering requirements, they opt for no-requirement bonuses. Is there a trick to bonuses with no wagering requirements? We wouldn’t call them tricks, but a deposit will usually be required, and there will always be a roof on what you can win. For example, you might be able to withdraw $1,000 maximum. That’s not bad, but you’ll still want to be aware of it before accepting a deal.

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