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What are the Oldest Video Slot Mines Games Tips Available Online?

Some of the older video slot games you will find available at various different online casino sites can be great slots to play, for they tend to offer a very basic and not overly complicated type of playing structure and format and that does appeal to a lot of players.

As such if you are looking to get stuck into playing slots that are designed as five reel video slots but have no bonus games or bonus features or very basic ones then you will be best advised to play at a casino site offering games from an established casino and slot game designer.

The casinos I could urge you to therefore consider playing at will be those that use Microgaming software platforms, Playtech supplied software or even those casino sites that use Real Time Gaming software platforms.

Each of those companies have been around since the very earliest days of the online gambling environment and as such their range of slot games is huge and you will always be assured when playing at such casino sites of finding a huge array of different slot games to play including very old ones and also the very latest all singing and all dancing ones too!

Look Up the Payout Percentages

Another thing that I would always urge you to do before you ever start playing old or for that matter new video slot games online is to look up the payout percentages that are attached and on offer on every single slot game available at the casino site you are going to be playing at.

Somewhere on the website of each casino site or possibly on the pay tables or on the attached help file you are going to find the payout percentage of each slot game.

If you cannot find that information then you should avoid playing slot games at any one casino site, for you will never know whether the slot you do end up playing have been designed with high payout percentages or even very low ones!

The higher the payout percentages the more winning payouts players are going to be paid out over their long term play, and it will be the slot machines that do offer payout percentages over 96% that you should only ever be playing online, and not ones that have lower payout percentages than 96%, for your money will not last very long when playing low paying video slot games online!

Think about Claiming Video Slot Game Bonuses

You will always have your own unique set aside gambling bankroll to play any type of slot games online and as such you will always need to ensure you get as much play time from that bankroll and as many winning chances as you can do also.

You could therefore opt to make use of some of the many different casino bonuses that are going to become available to you either when you sign up to an online casino site as a real money player or when you are a loyal player at some casino sites, for all casinos these days do give away a huge number of different bonuses to their new and loyal players.

If claiming casino bonus is something that you want to do then make sure that the ones you claim do offer and give you real value, as to all bonuses are designed to give you fair chance of winning when you claim and them make use of them!

Deposit match bonuses are the type of bonuses you will often find do offer you plenty of value, much more so if you are a slot player so be on the lookout for the ones that offer low play through requirements and no maximum cash out limits, and also try and claim bonuses that will see your deposit being matched at the rate of 100% or even higher, and that way you will get lots of bonus credits!


Also, always keep in mind that as a player at any of our featured online casino sites you will be able to play some of the very latest slot games available online.

Each month of the year a band new range of new slot games will be launched by our featured casino sites so that does of course mean you are never going to go short of fun to play and very exciting slots hen a signed up player at any of our featured casinos.

As you can also play for free at those casino sites too if you are unsure as to whether you are going to enjoy playing any slot game you have never seen or played before, you do always have the opportunity of giving any slot games you fancy playing a good going over via the demo mode version of each game too!

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