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What Are the Best Ways to Play Pairs in Blackjack Mines Game Casino?

We do know many of our website visitors enjoy playing the occasional few hands of Blackjack when they are playing at our featured casino sites, however we are also fully aware that not all players know what is the best way of playing certain hand combinations that get dealt out to them! With this in mind we have compiled a Blackjack playing guide below that is going to enlighten you on the most strategic ways of playing the many different pairs of matching cards that can be dealt out to you as your initial two hands when playing some of the lowest house edge Blackjack games online. Remember that is it not only important that you play any pair of matching cards optimally but you should also learn how to play every single hand combination that will get dealt out to you when playing Blackjack perfectly. You will find the easiest way to learn how to play each hand perfectly is to get yourself a Blackjack Strategy card for the variant you are playing. Also you are best off only ever playing the Blackjack games with the lowest house edges, for there can be some huge variations in regards to the house edges found on many different online Blackjack games, and many novice and first time players often have no idea as to which variants have been designed to give them the best playing value do to the house edges attached to each different variant. Playing Ten and Picture Card Pair Hands Optimally If you get dealt out any pair of matching 10 cards or in fact any pair of ten valued cards such as a Jack and a King or a 10 and a Queen then you should never make the incorrect playing move, and as such you should stand that pair of cards. Many players who are playing Blackjack for the very first time or those with very little playing experience who have not mastered the fine art of playing Blackjack optimally will often get the urge to split such a pair of ten valued cards, more so if the dealer is showing a low valued card such as a 2 or a 4. But always stand you pair of ten valued cards as that is the correct and most strategic way of playing those types of hand combinations, the only Blackjack game variant that will see you occasionally splitting a pair of ten valued cards is the Double Exposure Blackjack game variant, however as that game has a very high house edge it is not a game you ought to be playing in the first place! How to Handle a Pair of Fives when Playing Blackjack One other pair of cards that you can get dealt out to you quite regularly when playing Blackjack which can be quite a tricky hand to know how to play is a pair of fives. You are going to find that most if not all Blackjack game variants will let you double down on such a hand, and that simply means you are buying one additional card to be dealt out to that hand and the cost of that additional card is the same amount as you wagered on the base hand to set the game into live play. When you have been dealt out a pair of fives and you are playing the low house edge variant of Classic Blackjack then double down a pair of fives if the dealer is showing any card worth from 2 to 9 in value and opt to hit that pair of fives if the dealer is showing an Ace or any 10 valued card. Best and Most Strategic Ways of Playing a Pair of Aces When you are playing any variant of Blackjack, two cards that you will always be quite happy to see being dealt out to you are a pair of Ace cards. Now when you do get dealt out a pair of Aces which you should do quite often when having a fairly long Blackjack playing session you are best advised to split those two Aces into two new hands. This very strategic game playing rule will call for you to be forced to place an additional stake on the extra hand you will end up playing, so make sure that when you are playing Blackjack you have enough cash remaining in your casino account to make a split hand betting decision at all times during that session. There may come a time when you get dealt out a pair of Aces and you have used up your remaining credits on the initial hand which will then result in you not being able to split those Aces, and by not splitting them you will be instantly lowering your chances of winning, so always keep enough funds in your account to perform the split hand betting manoeuvre! Conclusion There are two individual Blackjack games available online which are the most sought after variants, one of these is the Blackjack Switch game which is found exclusively at online casinos that use the Playtech Gaming Platform. This game is unusual in as much as you cannot play it with just one hand in live play you have to play two hands per game, but as soon as you have received your two initial two card hands you are then permitted to swap one card from one hand to the other. Master playing this variant and you will be playing a variant offering a house edge of just 0.16%! If you locate one of our Microgaming Software Powered Casinos to play at, and we have several of them giving away some very large new player bonuses so do check them out, then make sure their single hand Classic Blackjack game is the one you launch, load and play on your computer, for once you have mastered the art of playing this variant the house edge you will be playing against is just 0.13%!


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