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What are the Benefits of Pooling Casino Comp Points?

With more and more online gaming sites not just operating one individual standalone casino site, but several of them, we have found several of these companies offer their players a one stop shop type of comp club whereby their players can amass comp points at each casino under that companies control but places those comps into one central comp club account.

This system allows players to pool their amassed comp points in one central account and then decide which casino in that group of casinos they wish to have their comped casino credits placed into.

With this in mind, today we are going to take a look at any benefits of pooling your comp points earned at several casino sites whilst also taking a look at any drawbacks this type of loyalty club may have!

Earn Comped Casino Credits Quicker

You are going to be accumulating free casino chips and credits far quicker when you can pool your comp points earned at more than one casino site than you ever would be able to do by playing at casino sites that do not permit you to pool your comp points.

Plus another advantage of being able to pool your comp points often means that you will rise very quickly through the ranks of the casinos comp club and as such will benefit from better redemption rates and will also earn more points on all of your real money wagers.

It is a well known fact that online casino players do not tend to remain loyal to just one single casino site and as such tend to move around a handful of casinos and give each of those sites a similar amount of play time, and this is where pooling comp points really does make a big difference.

There are some other benefits of playing at a casino site at which you can pool all of your comp points in one central comp club and that is you will also benefit from much quicker winning payouts, for as you VIP status rises the casino will of course want to keep you loyal and a regular player and they will always roll out the red carpet for players who play regularly at their respective casino sites and some of the benefits not only include faster payouts but you will find you get offered more exclusive bonuses and free entries into their many competitions, slot tournaments and special raffles.

Limiting Access to Pooled Comp Points

There is one major drawback you may find when you play at a group of casinos that offer their players the ability of pooling all of their comp points in one central account, and this is that many of the companies offering such a scheme are very strict in regards to players opening up accounts at all of their casino sites and only ever claiming bonuses at those sites.

What tends to happen at these sites is that if you claim a new player sign up bonus at any casino in their group you will find your welcome bonus credits are also placed into your comp club account and you need to log into that account to get the bonus credits credited to your chosen casino account.

However, to deter bonus abusers and players simply jumping around from casino to casino claiming nothing but the sign up bonuses, should a player not show some form of intention to play at any of the casinos under that groups control, namely making deposits without a bonus attached in between them claiming bonuses on their deposits the casinos will lock players out of their comp club account.

The lock out remains in place until that player has made enough qualifying deposits without bonuses attached. The problem with these types of lock outs is that the casino usually never tells that player just how much they have to wager and deposit without a bonus before their comp club account access becomes unlocked!

So always be aware that such a system is in place, and if you do enjoy playing with casino bonuses than always use them and claim them sparingly and always show that you are not simply after bonuses by making a few small deposits in between you claiming a bonus!


As you can see from the above there are both pros and cons in regards to joining any online casinos comp club, and whilst a loyal player is always going to get their fair share of free casino cash, bonuses and special tailor made promotions offers from casino sites they play at a lot, if you are only playing at casino sites online to mop up as many bonuses as you can you are likely to find yourself locked out of a casino comp club!

Bonuses and player comps are always going to come with all manner of different rules and strict terms and conditions and before joining any casino site do make sure you fully read through those rules along with any additional terms and conditions and adhere to them fully when playing at any online casino site to save you have any type of problems!

If you are looking for an online casino site at which to play at then do checkout our listed casinos which offer different gaming platforms, loads of new and unique casino games and each of them offer true value for money bonuses and comp clubs that have been designed to give loyal customers true value from their real money online gaming action.

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