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What are Slot Mines Games Casino Races?

It can often be very confusing when you start playing at online casino sites trying to work out how some of the promotional offers and deals have been structured and designed, and you can often come across a range of very unique competitions too at some casino sites.

As such today I am going to be looking at one type of slot game competition that you will occasionally find on offer to you are some casino sites, and that is something known as a slot race.

What a slot race will be offering you is a range of either cash or bonus prizes and to win then you have to be one of the top playing players who have played one or more slots at a casino site over any set period of time.

The way in which you will be determined to be the one of the top playing players during the time the slot race is live is if you have managed to earn more comp pints by playing slots for real money than other slot players have.

The range of prizes you can win can and will vary, but it does have to be said it will usually be the players who are playing for much higher stakes that tend to win the slot races, as their high valued slot playing gambling action will see them earning more points on each spin they play off!

Alternatives to Slot Races

As you may not be a slot player who does play their favourite slot games for high stake amounts then you may not be interested or tempted to take part in a slot race however there are some other types of slot playing competitions that will be much more suited to your lower stake slot playing action.

Those are going to be something known as slot tournaments, and when you take part in them you are going to be able to play just one slot game but not with your own money but with a set amount of tournament credits instead.

Some slots tournaments can however be completely free to enter whilst some of them will require you t pay a small entry fee.

The way that you will win any of the cash prizes or any of the bonus credits prizes when taking part in a slot tournament is simple, you need to win more than any other player when playing off your entry!

Tips for Winning a Slot Race

There is only one way that you are going to in any online casinos slot race and that is if you do manage to get the most comp points, and as such one way you could massively increase your chances of winning one of them is by playing for much higher stake amounts than you would usually do.

Another thing I would suggest you also do is to play the low variance slot games on offer to you t the casino site you are playing at, for by doing so you will find those slot games do tend to payout more smaller valued winning payouts, and that will then see you being able to recycle your winnings through the slot and then earn more comp points as you do so.

Another way to try and get more comp points from your bankroll is to also make a beeline to play the slots offering much higher payout percentages, for those slot games are going to pay out more of your stakes as winning payouts over the long term and as such you then accumulate more comp points as you play!


It shouldn’t be very difficult for you to find an online casino site that is going to be offering you the type of promotional offers and additional slot races or slot tournaments that you enjoy playing and taking part in, but also try and look for a casino sites that does reward slot players much more generously than other casino sites.

Whilst most casinos these days do tend to always have available lots of different slot machines and slot game related bonus offers, try and also additionally select a casino site that does have a generous loyalty scheme in place too.

For by playing at a casino site for real money if you do select one that offer slots of bonuses and a generous comp club then you will get much more value from your bankroll, which is what every single slot player will be hoping they can do.

But also look out for those casino sites that do offer low cost or even free to enter slot tournaments as you can get lots of winning chances for a very low outlay or even for free when you do find such a casino sites with lots of slot tournament scheduled each day of the week.

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