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Video Poker Online Mines Game Casino Gamble Option

As with many slot machines, if you are a video poker player then you will be aware that as soon as you have been lucky enough to be dealt out a winning hand you are going to be often offered an optional gamble game on which you could, if everything goes well, increase the value of that winning payout.

However, a gamble game is also going to see you running the risk of losing the winning payout you have just been awarded on the game you are playing, and as such they should be treated with caution, as you could lose time and time again when taking that gamble option.

In this video poker playing guide we are going to be taking a look at how you can play off the gamble game option which is attached to many of the video poker games found in many of our featured and fully reviewed casino sites.

Whilst you may be the type of player who is never tempted to try and increase the value of any winning hand combination that is dealt out to you when playing video poker, if that optional gamble game is something you are willing to try out, then keep on reading for you will discover just how the many different gamble games work and operate when you do decide to give any of the video poker games any amount of play time online.

Double or Nothing Gamble Game

If you do fancy taking the gamble game option that will be offered to you when playing video poker games then we will not let you know how they work and how you can try and increase the winning payout associated with any hand combination that you have been dealt out when playing the base game of any video poker game variant.

For you to take the gamble game option you have to click on the gamble button as opposed to the collect button once a winning combination has been dealt out to you. Be aware that option you actually have to launch the game option settings and activate the gamble game option from those setting, as some video poker game are set to collect all winning payouts automatically and therefore will only offer you a gamble game when the gamble game option setting is turned on and activated.

Once you click on the gamble button the game is then, depending on which gaming platform you are playing it at the gamble game will offer you the chance of gambling just half of your winning hand combinations payout value or on some gaming platforms you are obliged to have to gamble the entire amount of cash you won via the base game.

You will, once you have chosen how much to gamble if an option for gamble half is available, be dealt out five playing cards from a freshly shuffled deck of cards, one card is going to be dealt face up to you and you then have to pick one of the other four cards which are facing downwards by clicking on them.

If the card you have chosen to pick when flipped over is a high valued one than the original initial facing upwards card then you will have won that stage of the game and your gambled amount whether half or all of your initial base game winning payouts value will be doubled in value.

Guess incorrectly however and you will lose the amount of cash gambled, be aware there will be a gamble game limit in place at the casino site you are playing at and you will be allowed to take the gamble game repeatedly until you either low or have a series of winning outcomes and reach the gamble game limit.


Whilst the gamble game option is always going to be on offer to you it is worth noting that you are not always going to have a winning outcome when you choose to take that option, in fact you may often experience a long series of losing outcome!

With that in mind and as the gamble game option attached to any video poker game variant you do decide to play is going to have an effect on the payout percentage of that game we would advise you to consider not utilizing it as all, for any aspect to any casino game that could by its very design have a negative effect on the long term expected payout percentage of that game should be avoided!

However, many players do like to have the option of taking the gamble game when playing video poker however want most savvy players will then to do is to always collect the higher valued winning payouts and opt to stick to gambling the lower valued ones.

For much like you do run the risk of losing when taking the gamble game option, you could occasionally strike lucky and be able to turn a very modest bas game winning hand combinations payout into a huge cash payout, but always be prepared to take the rough with the smooth as you are just as likely to experience losing outcomes when taking the gamble game options as you are to have lots of winning outcomes on that gamble game!

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