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Types of Mines in different casinos

Unlike the classic game of Mines, where you need to clear the canvas without getting caught on a mine - in the online casino for the performance of this task offers a cash reward. Each move that continues the game gradually increases the final amount of the winnings, but if you make a mistake - you lose everything.

It is worth bearing in mind that all casinos cannot offer the same machine to users. To interest players, you need something unique. Therefore, operators and developers have taken up refinements of the mines and offered the market several of its variations, namely:

  • Classic Mines with the winnings. This category of games fully copies the classic mines in the rules of the game and partially borrows the style of the original. However, the playing field differs from project to project. It remains static, the player can not affect its size.

  • Redesigned Mine Field for real money. Games in this category are still preserving the essence of sapper, but offer a new design of the graphical component of the project. In addition to the design of the game offer players more variability. For example, at the beginning of the round the player can choose the size of the field. The smaller the field - the more chances to win, but at the same time, the higher the risk of running into a mine and lose everything.

  • New games with old traditions (Minesweeper). In this category we have put games that use the mechanics of the classic Minesweeper and interpret them in new designs. Some casinos offer you to play Minesweeper in which you can only move forward, others use obstacles or wild animals instead of mines. Gaming projects offer a new gaming experience while still using the mechanics of the classic game.

The minesweeper game has become surprisingly popular in online casinos and it was difficult to predict the reaction of players. However, among all casino software developers there were those who were willing to take the risk, and they weren't wrong. But how to explain the popularity of Mines online casino?

The main reason for the popularity of the minesweeper simulator in online casinos can be considered variability. Unlike classic slots, where there is a single "start" button - mines for money offers to test intuition, logic and strategy. Thus, in the course of the game, your winnings depend on the actions taken, you almost do not rely on luck. This is the main reason for the popularity of the mines.

If you like online entertainment and are interested in mines - then before starting the game, it is worth to get acquainted with the rules.

Rules of the game

At the beginning of the game in front of you open the field, divided into equal rectangles. The number of rectangles depends on the particular version of the game or on the risk factor. The game starts as soon as you select the first square.

The first move in Mines is a win-win. This is so the player doesn't lose money without playing properly. The second turn can be your last in the game.

If the square you chose for the second turn is not mined, the game continues. Your final goal is to open all unmined cells. If you manage to do it - the winnings are yours.

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