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The Top 10 Gambling Movies on Netflix

ing for a movie that is loaded with tension, suspense, drama, and style? Then you can’t go past gambling movies. In this guide to the top 10 gambling movies on Netflix, you’ll find an array of popular and lesser-known titles that promise a good time.

What are the Top 10 Gambling Movies on Netflix?

Even though there are thousands of titles, do you find it hard to choose something to watch on Netflix? We understand exactly what that’s like, hence why we’ve created a list of the top gambling movies on Netflix. To get things started, we’ve looked into the history of gambling in cinema and why it’s such a fascinating subject.

We’ve then launched straight into our list of recommendations. To make your final decision even easier, we’ve organized this list based on categories. Whether you’re looking for a comedy, drama, action, or crime movie, you’ll find the best title to fit your tastes and preferences. Check out our list of top 10 gambling movies on Netflix:

  1. Win it All

  2. Vegas Vacation

  3. Casino (Australia)

  4. Ocean’s Eleven

  5. Croupier

  6. Molly’s Game

  7. Uncut Gems

  8. 21 (UK)

  9. Kakeguri

  10. Casino Royale

You can use the following links to head straight to each genre, or you can keep reading to discover all of our recommendations. Who knows, if you have a free weekend coming up you may want to watch them all!

  • The History of Gambling in Cinema

  • Comedy Movies

  • Crime Movies

  • Drama Movies

  • Action Movies

  • Frequently Asked Questions

The History of Gambling in Cinema

Gambling has been portrayed in cinema from as early as 1931, when Smart Money portrayed a Greek immigrant arriving to America to make big on his poker skills. Over the decades, movies of all genres portrayed the most alluring and ugly sides of gambling, with classics including The Hustler (1961) and The Gambler (1974).

Whether they’re portraying classy casinos or seedy underground poker rooms, gambling movies have remained popular due to the fact they are as diverse as the games they represent. Often, the protagonists are anti-heroes looking for a big score, while others portray outsiders getting lost in Vegas.

In recent years, Netflix has produced some of the top gambling movies of all time, with Uncut Gems being one of its most popular releases. While we’re still waiting to see some movie adaptations of popular online casino games (Mines GamesPH), the current options on these lists are bound to keep you entertained.

NOTE: We want to ensure that you can access the best movies in this genre. Unfortunately, some of the selections on this list aren’t available on Netflix in the USA. However, you can use a VPN to access the very best gambling movies on Netflix at the flip of a switch.

Comedy Movies

With millions of people around the world interested in gambling it is no wonder that the movie industry has produced some great comedy movies that are gaining popularity among gambling fans. Here are just a few examples:

Win it All

  • Released in 2017

  • Directed by Joe Swanberg

  • Starring Jake Johnson, Kris Swanberg

Win it All is a critically loved indie movie that features co-writer Jake Johnson alongside Kris Swanberg. The movie follows a gambling addict who is tasked with holding on to a duffel bag filled with cash for a friend heading to prison. His temptations get the better of him, as he’s tempted to make another big bet.

The movie earned accolades for Swanberg’s minimalistic direction and the performances of the two leads. That said, the movie is quite polarizing, with some finding it too lifeless and boring, while others loving the understated comedy of it all. We guess you’ll just have to see for yourself which camp you belong to. This is probably the best indie gambling movie on Netflix right now and is well worth watching.

Vegas Vacation
  • Released in 1997

  • Directed by Stephen Kessler

  • Starring Chevy Chase, Beverly D’Angelo

Chevy Chase returns to his role of Clark Griswold, the patriarch of the comically doomed family behind the hilarious Vacation franchise. In this movie, the Griswolds head to Las Vegas in order to renew the vows of Clark and Ellen. As is to be expected, the usual hilarious hijinks unfold.

This is one of the best casino movies on Netflix, and you’ll recognize some of the most iconic Las Vegas landmarks including the MGM Grand Vegas and The Mirage Resort. The movie acts as a great time capsule of Vegas in the 90s, and you’ll recognize famous faces such as Siegfried and Roy and their tigers.

Crime Movies

New crime movies hit theaters every week.

and this is why new crime movies are in theaters every single week. We have selected two gambling crime “evergreens” that are worth watchingand this is why new crime movies are in theaters every single week. We have selected two gambling crime “evergreens” that are worth watching::

Casino (Australia)
  • Released in 1995

  • Directed by Martin Scorsese

  • Starring Robert De Niro, Sharon Stone, Joe Pesci

If you haven’t seen Casino yet, this movie should be put right at the top of your list. Martin Scorsese’s follow-up to the ultra-cool Goodfellas, Casino is considered to be an unrivaled crime epic. The movie features a stellar cast including Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, and Sharon Stone, who won an Academy Award nomination for her performance.

The movie follows Ace Rothstein (De Niro) and his management of the Tangiers Casino in Las Vegas for a crime outfit. Since its release, it’s been celebrated for its beautiful production design, master cinematography, and classic soundtrack. You’ll need to set your VPN to Australia for this one.

Ocean’s Eleven
  • Released in 2001

  • Directed by Steven Soderbergh

  • Starring Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Matt Damon, Bernie Mac

If you’re looking for a casino movie on Netflix that is oozing with cool, it’s time to watch 2001’s iconic remake of Ocean’s Eleven. The movie spawned a franchise that continues to inspire installments to this day, though none have quite reached the heights of this stylish ensemble from Steven Soderbergh.

The movie follows former con Danny Ocean, who fresh out of prison concocts a plan to rob three Las Vegas casinos at once — and get back his ex-wife in the process. The movie is noted for its fast-paced editing, slick visuals, and career-turning performances, with the climax of the movie offering surprises you won’t forget.

  • Released in 1998

  • Directed by Mike Hodges

  • Starring Clive Owen, Kate Hardie

In one of Clive Owen’s earliest movie performances, Croupier tells the tale of a casino croupier who is lured into a heist involving the casino he works at. It is lauded for having one of the most true-to-life portrayals of casinos on screen, making this one of the best gambling movies on Netflix for those looking for realism.

The movie is a tense crime thriller that is at once visually captivating. While it was overlooked on its release, many gamblers consider this to be a classic. Fans of the heist genre looking for unexpected twists and turns should do themselves a favor and watch Croupier.

Drama Movies
Molly’s Game
  • Released in 2017

  • Directed by Aaron Sorkin

  • Starring Jessica Chastain, Idris Elba, Kevin Costner

Molly’s Game is the directorial debut of screenwriter Aaron Sorkin, the mastermind behind hit shows such as the West Wing and the Newsroom. If you’ve seen those shows, you can expect to find the same fast-paced and quick-witted style in this modern true story about illegal high stakes poker.

The movie follows Jessica Chastain as Molly Bloom, a former professional skier who creates an underground high-stakes poker racket. As was true in real life, Molly’s game attracts billionaires, celebrities, and mobsters until the FBI makes it their mission to stop it.

Uncut Gems
  • Released in 2019

  • Directed by Josh and Benny Safdie

  • Starring Adam Sandler, Julia Fox

Whether you’re a fan of Adam Sandler or not, we assure you that this movie features a performance that you’ll never expect. Uncut Gems was initially released on Netflix in 2019, where it quickly became one of the site’s top-performing movies of all time. It’s easy to see why.

The movie follows Sandler’s Howard Ratner, a New York jeweler who is caught up in trouble after struggling to pay off a large gambling debt. The movie is at once dramatic, tense, and hilarious, and puts audiences on a wild ride from the moment it begins. This is another great movies with a surprise ending that will stay with you.

21 (UK)
  • Released in 2008

  • Directed by David Sardy

  • Starring Jim Sturgess, Kate Bosworth, Kevin Spacey

In the similar vein as Ocean’s Eleven, this blackjack movie on Netflix tells a true-life story about a group of MIT students who get involved in a card-counting operation. In 21, Jim Sturgess plays a mathematical prodigy who is recruited by his professor to profit from their skills.

The movie manages to make the complex strategies behind card-counting palatable, with a slick visual style and soundtrack bolstered by impressive performances. The movie has twists and turns, with the movie building to a dangerous climax when the gang is discovered by the casino’s criminal managers.

  • Released in 2017

  • Created by Yasuko Kobayashi

While we understand that this Netflix casino series doesn’t classify as a movie, we still believe that it’s one of the best new stories about gambling that shouldn’t risk being overlooked. Kakeguri is based on a Japanese manga series and has spawned both an animated and a live-action adaptation

The show follows Yumeko Jabami, a newcomer to the Hyakkaou Private Academy. Here, students compete in high stakes gambling activities and are ranked by their winnings. As players climb to the top, they are showered by riches and fame. But this activity comes at a price, with betrayal and crime rife.

Action Movies
Casino Royale
  • Released in 2006

  • Directed by Martin Campbell

  • Starring Daniel Craig, Eva Green, Mads Mikkelsen

Another one of the best casino movies on Netflix, Casino Royale is notable for being the first to feature Daniel Craig’s James Bond. The movie stands out as being not only one of the best 007 movies but also one of the best poker movies, and completely redefined what to expect from a Bond movie.

With the tensest and most high-stakes poker tournament put to movie, Casino Royale is an action-packed thriller that delivers cool fight scenes and unexpected twists. Alongside Craig is Mads Mikkelsen as the ice-cold villain Le Chiffre, whose casino is used to fund terrorist activity around the globe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have more questions about the best gambling movies? If so, then keep reading. In the upcoming section, we’ve answered the most commonly asked questions about the topic. We’ve provided jump-links in each, so you can learn more details if you wish.

What is the history of gambling in movies?

Since the 1930s, gambling has been a rich part of cinematic history. One of the best things about gambling as a subject is that it can be portrayed in many genres, and you’re usually guaranteed to get interesting characters and exciting settings. Whether it’s an action or comedy, you’ll be able to find a gambling movie on Netflix that is perfect for you.

Are there any funny gambling movies?

Yes, you’ll find a number of great comedy movies  that are about gambling. These include Win it All and Vegas Vacation. Both are extremely different styles of comedy but are similar in that they feature a character getting too over their head in a gambling environment.

What is the best crime gambling movie on Netflix?

We believe that the best crime movie on Netflix is Martin Scorsese’s Casino. The movie is extremely stylish and unique and makes brilliant use of the casino setting to create a dizzying but suspenseful movie. This movies is considered to be a classic of the crime genre, with career-defining performances from Sharon Stone and Robert De Niro.

Can you recommend an easy-to-watch gambling movie?

We recommend you watch Oceans Eleven if you’re looking for a crowd-pleaser that is bound to entertain. The movie is a blast to watch from the moment it begins, with terrific performances from its huge cast, interesting visuals, and a script that promises to surprise.

Are there any action-packed gambling movies on Netflix?

The one action movie on our list is Casino Royale, which is undoubtedly one of the best James Bond movies ever made. If you’re a fan of poker, you’ll love the tense poker scene that has huge implications for the fate of humanity..

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