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The Surrender Move in Brief Mines Games Easy Win Casino

When surrendering, a blackjack player folds a hand and gets half of their original wager back while the dealer collects the other half. Players should evidently make this move only with really bad starting totals that bear little to no improvement. Surrender is not available at all blackjack tables and many beginner players have no idea about its existence.

Surrendering is possible only at the very beginning of a round after the initial deal. Players cannot exercise this move if they have already split, hit, or doubled down on a hand.

Surrender Rules in Blackjack

We already mentioned there are two versions of this rule, namely late and early surrender. Late surrender is far more common than early surrender, and you can find it in various online blackjack releases by major software studios like Playtech. So what is the difference between the two types of surrender? It all comes down to what happens when the dealer’s exposed card is a ten or an ace.

Early Surrender

Late Surrender

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