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The Only Guide to Penny Mines Games Easy Way Slots You’ll Ever Need

Is there anyone who doesn’t dream of winning and, more specifically, winning big? Even if you play slots casually, the thought must’ve crossed your mind. However, as we all know, the outcome of slot machines is unpredictable and random, which is part of what makes playing slots so attractive. It’s just pure luck!

This, naturally, goes for any type of slots, including our today’s topic: penny slots. But what are they and why are they called penny slots? How do you play penny slots? What are the best penny slot machines to play at a casino? And most importantly: can you win big on penny slots? All that and more will be covered in today’s blog, so buckle up tight, we’re going for a ride!

Penny Slots: What Are They and How Do You Play Them?

So, what are penny slots? Simply put, they are slots that can be played for a penny. Historically, at least, that is what they used to be. These penny slots had just one payline and you’d need to bet just one cent per that line, which made them attractive to players who couldn’t or wouldn’t spend more.

Nowadays, penny slots can refer to land-based and online slots that can be played using a smaller bet size. In land-based casinos, for example, there are penny slots where you can still bet a penny per line. However, as the minimum spin value is usually 50 or 100 credits, you’d still end up wagering $1 per spin.

Another difference compared to old times is that you rarely come across slots that feature just one payline today; most modern penny slots might have 10 paylines, and often even as many as 20, 25, or 50 bet lines. Plus, you’ll usually need to bet on all available lines.

How to Win on Penny Slots - Penny Slots Strategy

Everybody wants to know how to win at slots, penny or otherwise. But, as we’ve said before, online slots are a game of chance and ultimately the outcome of your gameplay will always be random and unpredictable. Still, there are certain rules you can follow when playing slots that can help you play more resposibly and smartly.

Understand the Rules of the Game Before Playing

Sounds simple enough but it should be said: before spinning the reels of a slot, make sure you know how to play it. This means reading up on the slot in a slot review, studying the game rules, and even trying the slot out in the demo mode.

Only once you’re sure you enjoy the game and all its features, and are confident you understand how the game is played should you deposit your money in an online casino.

Specify a Limit and Adhere to It

Allocating a specific budget before playing penny slots is crucial. Not only should you have a limited amount of money set aside for gambling that you never go over, but you should also try and make sure you put a time limit on your gambling activities. Once you have set your money and time limits, be sure to adhere to them. Gambling responsibly is critical and this is one of the ways to control and monitor your gaming habits.

Choose Whether or Not to Max Bet

The question of how to win big on penny slots comes with one of the big dilemmas and that is whether or not to max bet. Usually one of the first betting strategies slot newbies learn is to always bet on the maximum number of paylines with the maximum amount of coins as that maximizes their prospect of winning.

However, when it comes to penny slots, it’s not uncommon for them to swap out progressive jackpots with fixed rewards which can be won at any betting level. Still, keep in mind that slots come with their own specific cashout amount limits. Luckily, slots llist their maximum payouts in their properties, so make sure you always check what your game’s max cashout amount is so there aren’t any unpleasant surprises once the time for collecting your winnings has come.

Select a Casino Bonus That Is Right for You

One of the tips you can employ when playing penny slots is to make sure you choose the correct bonuses for you that will surely enrich your gameplay. These bonuses may be anything from no deposit bonuses to Free Spins, which are, naturally, an extremely popular way to amp up your gaming experience.

Look for Penny Slots with a Higher RTP

RTP might be a theoretical number denoting how much a slot is going to pay out over a longer period of time, but it’s still a good way to compare and contrast between slots and make more informed decisions. Most casino games feature 96% RTP, although there are slots with both higher and lower RTPs than that.

When picking your next penny slot, you might look for those with higher RTP than 96%. Our suggestions, to name a few:

  • Blood Suckers (98%)

  • Gold Train (97.16%)

  • The Catfather (98.1%)

Think About the Number of Paylines

Make sure you know how many paylines your slot of choice has and whether you can decide how many paylines you are going to enable, or if the number of paylines is fixed and unchangeable. Remember: the number of paylines enabled which will affect your betting value.

Consider the Game Features

When picking which penny slots to try out and play, consider their symbols, features, payout amount. If you like your slots more interactive and advanced, check whether the slot you are considering features Free Spins, bonus rounds, multipliers, or any other specific properties.

Remember the Value of Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpot slots are popular for a reason. As time goes by, a progressive slot’s jackpot increases and randomly pays out, and hitting one of those progressive jackpots could prove to be life-changing. Of course, when it comes to progressive jackpot slots the rule is to play max bet in order to have a shot at winning.

Avoid Believing Any Myths or Misconceptions

And lastly, but in no way unimportant: do not believe in slot myths. There are plenty of misconceptions about slots and winning floating around and a good rule of thumb is: if something sounds too good to be true, it’s probably because it is. Online slots operate on RNGs (Random Number Generators) and you cannot directly influence their outcome. Remember that.

Should You Play Max Bet on Penny Slots

The short answer is no, you shouldn't. Unless the slot pay table states that your chances of winning a progressive jackpot get higher when you bet more there is no reason to play max bet on Penny slots.

What Are the Most Popular Penny Slot Machines?

As you can see, if you wish to learn how to win on penny slots, it’s extremely important to understand that whatever strategies you choose to employ, you need to remember slots are a game of chance.

Still, understanding how slot machines work helps tremendously. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you might catch yourself feeling more confident when spinning the reels of penny slots.

Not sure where to start? How about giving some of the most popular penny slot machines a go? The list of most popular penny slots includes, but is not limited to:

  • Book of Dead

  • Dead or Alive 2

  • Drive: Multiplier Mayhem

Just read each of their slot reviews, try them out in fun mode first and… good luck!

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