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The Hottest Vacation Destinations Near the Kansas City Mines Games Easy Win Casinos

Are you looking for fun places to visit near the Kansas City Casinos?

If so, today’s post is a must-read. And while the large casinos in Kansas City, Missouri would give you more than enough of a vacation on their own, they’re just the tip of a larger iceberg when you’re in the area.

Sure, you can always venture over to the Kansas side of the border if you’d like and check out gaming venues like Hollywood Casino at Kansas Speedway and 7th Street Casino.

But if you’re in a large metropolis like Kansas City, Missouri, you’re missing out if you don’t at least explore the area’s non-gaming destinations.

Do you not know the Kansas City area well?

Don’t worry.

Below, you will find several of the hottest vacation destinations near the casinos.

Ready to learn more?

Keep reading.

1 – Arrowhead Stadium

Officially known these days as Geha Field at Arrowhead, Arrowhead Stadium continues to be one of the NFL’s top stadiums, even if it’s among the league’s oldest. But hey, people come from all over to Lambeau Field in Green Bay and Soldier Field in Chicago. Arrowhead is in the same boat.

The Sea of Red is just one of many reasons why you should come over and see the Kansas City Chiefs play a home game if you’re lucky enough to get tickets during the waning months of the year. Or the waxing months, since at the time of this writing, the Chiefs may be the NFL’s next great dynasty. Having served the Chiefs since the team’s last days in the American Football League all the way back in 1968, generations of fans have come from all over to experience one of the NFL’s loudest stadiums.

So if you’re a fan of the team, or if you’re just looking to catch one of the NFL’s most historical venues, head over to 1 Arrowhead Drive and treat the eyes to a historic venue whose best days may be ahead.

2 – National World War I Museum and Memorial

If you’re not much of a sports buff, perhaps you’re a history buff. And if this is the case, check out the National WWI Museum and Memorial located at 2 Memorial Drive in Kansas City (aren’t these addresses easy to remember?).

Expect to spend between 2 and 3 hours at this breathtaking structure, and indulge yourself in an interesting history lesson that will show you how the Great War, or the War to End All Wars impacted the global community of the day.

Here, you will find a vast collection of World War I objects, documents, stories, and more from the Great War. It’s also the second-oldest public museum dedicated to preserving such documents, so if you’ve visited similar museums in the past, odds are this museum will give you a richer experience.

Suitable for all ages and interest levels, brace yourself for a journey that began 107 years ago in 1914 that eventually involved the US from 1917 to 1918. A war that many claim was the world’s first modern war.

3 – Kauffman Stadium

Like Arrowhead Stadium in Section 1, Kauffman Stadium is one of the most unique venues in Major League Baseball. Home to the American League’s Kansas City Royals, you will find Kauffman Stadium at 1 Royal Way in Kansas City.

Once again, if you’re in town between April and October, and if you’re one of those tourists that just needs to visit every professional sports venue in the US and Canada, visiting Kauffman Stadium is a must.

Some of the park’s most unique features include its fountain and waterfalls behind the right-field fence. It’s also unique because it, along with Dodger Stadium, were one of just two baseball-only stadiums built during the days of the “cookie-cutter venues” to have never been converted into such.

Cookie-cutters included multi-purpose stadiums that served both football and baseball, and odds are you can name a few of them like Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburgh, Riverfront Stadium in Cincinnati, and the O Co. Coliseum (last of the cookie-cutter venues at this point) in Oakland.

4 – Nelson Atkins Museum of Art

So far, we’ve talked about history and sports, but the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art is the ideal place near the Kansas City Casinos when you’re looking to fuel the art enthusiast in you. Head over to 4525 Oak Street in Kansas City and check it out.

Unlike the games at Arrowhead and Kauffman or the tour at the World War I Museum, odds are you won’t spend longer than 2 hours at the venue, so it’s small enough to get through if you’re looking to take a limited time off the casino floors.

However, if you’re into art, they warn that you may wind up spending an entire day studying their world-class galleries that feature over 40,0000 artworks from around the world.

Just a few of its galleries include the Bloch Galleries featuring Impressionist and Post-Impressionist works, Asian photography and paintings, plus American, Native American, and Egyptian Galleries.

Once you’ve finished with your trip indoors, head outside to the Donald Hall Sculpture Park, featuring breathtaking scenery, notable sculptures, and even picnicking options if you’re looking to take your lunch outside.

And best yet, they boast free admission here at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art.

5 – Arabia Steamboat Attraction

The Arabia Steamboat Attraction may be the favorite attraction in Kansas City, and if you’ve heard of but have never seen it, you may move this one to the top of your vacation itinerary. Next to the Kansas City Casinos, of course.

Venture over to 400 Ground Boulevard and you will find the venue, which is rich with 200 tons of cargo-based artifacts from the year 1856. Experience what life was like back in the day on this self-guided tour.

Like the art museum above it, you don’t need to plan much longer than 90 minutes to complete your tour of the museum. However, if you’re a fan of historical steamboats, their artifacts, and even artworks depicting what life was like on the frontier’s waterways, plan accordingly.

6 – Union Station

From a historical museum to a historical site, Union Station is one of the oldest structures in Kansas City, Missouri. Located at 3 Pershing Road in Kansas City, Missouri, Union Station will transport you to another time the second you walk through its doors.

Despite its age, you’re entering an ultra-clean and well-maintained venue and it’s full of exhibits, an Extreme Screen, stores, and more. In some cases, you can access the station through Kansas City’s Skywalk.

Popular exhibits within the station include the moving Auschwitz Exhibit, a model train, a small, interactive science museum, plus several restaurants.

It’s not far from the WWI Museum, so if you’re making plans to visit the #2 attraction on this list, make sure you swing around and stop at Union Station.

Most reviewers on TripAdvisor say it takes between 2 and 3 hours to venture through. So if you plan on visiting both venues back-to-back you will want to carve out at least 6 hours.

7 – Kansas City Zoo

This large zoo contains over 1,700 animals on 202 acres of real estate. If you’re looking for perhaps the most family-friendly attraction in the area, Kansas City Zoo is where you will find it. It’s an affordable option that features numerous activities and events on the weekend.

Head over to 6800 Zoo Drive and start your journey that will probably take over 3 hours to complete. At the time of this writing, there is some construction going on at the aquarium, but this large zoo features plenty of animals to see, interactive exhibits for the kids, and even a nifty train ride if you don’t feel like walking. Some of the most popular exhibits include the polar bear, penguin, and elephant exhibits, and they are just the tip of a larger iceberg.

Reviewers did have a few tips, however. For one, it gets ultra-hot during the summer and if you plan on walking, bring plenty of bottled water and sunscreen. You’re going to need it. If this zoo lacks one thing, it’s an abundance of shady areas. Also, make sure you wear good shoes.

As mentioned above, you will see some construction going on but come 2022, they should have completed their upgrades which will only give this zoo an even better name moving forward.


As you can see, we only listed 7 hot vacation destinations near the Kansas City Casinos. But if you know anything about Kansas City, Missouri, and its sister city Kansas City, Kansas, it’s that the 2 cities have a lot going for them.

So use today’s list as a starting spot, but remember to keep an open mind and venture to other attractions in the area that catch your eye, whether on the Missouri or the Kansas side of the area. And most importantly, have fun and rejuvenate yourself before you return to the casino floor.

Have you visited the Kansas City Casinos and if so, did you venture out into Kansas City to experience any of the above attractions? Let us know where you went in the comments. We cannot wait to read your stories.

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