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The Biggest Mines GamesPH Poker Tournaments in the World

If you’re looking to play the biggest poker tournaments in the world, you may be wondering which events to set your sights on. Today’s post will show you just that, while taking you on a thrilling journey through the world of poker tournaments.

We’re going to take a deep-dive into the adrenaline-filled world of poker, including both the biggest online poker tournaments and the biggest offline ones. Whether you’re a brand-new player wanting to learn about the top poker tournaments to aspire towards, or a professional looking for your next big cash, this page will show you the best and biggest poker tournaments around.

Biggest Online Poker Tournaments

The online poker world has seen significant growth in the last few years, especially as the US’ online gambling industry continues to open up. Online poker appeals to players for a wide variety of reasons, but its main attraction is its accessibility – anyone from almost anywhere can play and try their hand at winning big. In terms of the largest poker tournaments online, PokerStars’ Sunday Millions is hard to beat, with a guaranteed 7-figure prize pool.

If you want to play poker online, make sure to check our recommended operators, all of which have been hand-picked by our team of experts. You can also review the top US sites for Five Card Draw Poker in this article.


Top Poker Tournaments: WSOP Main Event

The World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event is up there with the best poker tournaments in the world, and since its inception in 1970, it’s become the most prestigious poker tournament in the world. Every year, thousands of players attend, from all around the world – including both professionals and amateurs. The buy-in is a staggering $10,000, although it’s possible to enter via satellite tournaments that run all around the world.

Over the course of several days, players engage in fierce battles, and endurance is tested, as days are long. It’s the biggest poker tournament in the world, in terms of the number of players that enter, and its popularity and allure lies not just in the staggering prize pool that guarantees a multi-million-dollar prize to the winner, but also in the prestige and honor that comes with winning it. The WSOP Main Event has been won by less than 40 players, and winning it is widely considered to be the biggest honor in poker.

The WSOP Main Event is also a gathering of the global poker community, a place where players can learn from each other, build networks, and be part of the most well-known and famous poker event in the world. For those lucky enough to play in it, it’s an unforgettable experience, and every player should try to experience it at least once in their life.

The Allure of the European Poker Tour

Launched in 2004, the EPT has grown into one of the most popular poker circuits in the world. Organized by PokerStars, it visits various European cities like Barcelona, Prague, and Monte Carlo, allowing players to compete on an international stage regardless of where they’re from.

The EPT is famed for its high stakes, often seeing top pros clashing with ambitious amateurs in a highly competitive environment. Winners of the EPT often come from satellite tournaments – and winning catapults them into the global limelight, so it’s an event that can prove highly beneficial to unknown players.

While the EPT’s high buy-ins cater mainly to professional players, satellite tournaments offer a chance for less experienced poker enthusiasts to win their way in. These satellite tournaments run primarily online, although some land-based casinos and poker rooms run EPT qualifiers, too.

The atmosphere at an EPT event is always fantastic – and while it can’t rival the WSOP Main Event, it’s pretty high up there, hence why it’s ranked second on this page of the world’s biggest poker tournaments.

Aussie Millions: A Player’s Paradise

Australia’s biggest poker tournament, Aussie Millions perfectly combines the country’s laid-back vibe with high-stakes poker action. Held every year at the Crown Casino in Melbourne, Aussie Millions attracts players from all over the world. Players are enticed by the tournament’s hefty prize pool and the chance to win one of the poker world’s most prestigious tournaments.

The Aussie Millions offers several events including the Main Event, which has an AUD $10,000 buy-in. Players will find themselves playing in one of Australia’s most exciting cities, with the Australian summer providing a warm backdrop to the fast-paced, action-packed competition.

The Aussie Millions event was first held back in 1998, and while some were skeptical at first about a poker tournament “Down Under”, it’s proven to be a huge success, and players come from all parts of the world to participate.

The Famous World Poker Tour

The World Poker Tour (WPT) is a series of international poker tournaments and associated television series that began in 2002. Founded in the United States by attorney and television producer Steven Lipscomb, it was later acquired by PartyGaming in 2009, which was then bought by Ourgame International in 2015. It was sold once again, to Element Partners, in 2021.

The WPT has played a major role in popularizing poker around the world by broadcasting tournaments with play-by-play analysis and special hole card cameras. This allows viewers to watch players and their hole cards, which is much more interesting than watching blank cards.

The WPT hosts events all around the world, although the WPT Championship gets the most attention. Notable winners include Carlos Mortensen and Gus Hansen, each holding three titles as of 2021. Darren Elias holds the record for the most WPT titles, with four to his name.

Like some of the biggest online poker tournaments, the WPT events often have satellites, so non-professional players can try and win a spot for as little as a few dollars online.

Irish Open: Europe’s Oldest Poker Tournament

The Irish Open, held once a year in Dublin, Ireland, is Europe’s longest-running poker tournament and also one of the oldest in the world, dating back to 1980. It was founded by Terry Rogers, a famous Irish bookmaker, who’s credited with popularizing poker in Ireland and parts of Europe.

Originally, the Irish Open was strictly an invite-only event. However, it became an open tournament in the early 1990s, attracting a wider range of players, from poker enthusiasts to professional players.

The tournament format is No-Limit Texas Hold ’em, and it has been won by many notable players such as Noel Furlong, who won the WSOP Main Event as well, and Marty Smyth, who also has a WSOP bracelet to his name. Of course, players’ primary motivation for playing is the large prize pool, but the tournament is also famed for its social atmosphere.

The 2020 and 2021 editions were held online due to the pandemic, but things are now back to normal – and if you’re curious about the recent winners, check out the table below:

YEARCHAMPION2019Weijie Zheng2020Pablo Silva2021Pavel Veksler2022Steve O’Dwyer2023David Docherty

The Growth and Evolution of Poker Tournaments

Poker tournaments have come a long way since they first appeared. Originally, games were played in smoky back rooms, and, as old-timers will tell you, it used to be a pretty dangerous game to play, with mobsters and criminals often involved. Today, however, it’s evolved into a mainstream pastime, with events held in luxurious casinos all around the world.

In the past, poker tournaments were exclusive events, generally played by pros; they were the only ones who could afford the entry fee! Over the years, however, the rise of online poker platforms and televised tournaments has allowed almost anyone to have a chance of entering many of the top poker tournaments. Thanks to online poker, anyone old enough can play, regardless of where they live, how much experience they have, or how large (or small) their bankroll is.

Televised tournaments, on the other hand, have added a new level of excitement and drama to the game. They’ve made stars out of poker players, turning pros into household names, and inspiring a new generation of players. Shows like High Stakes Poker and Poker After Dark went mainstream and were watched even by those who didn’t have an interest in playing the game themselves!

Today, poker continues to evolve, and we’re seeing more players than ever try their hand at the game. Not only is it more affordable than ever, but more online poker sites exist nowadays, so players have a huge choice when choosing where to play.

What are the most renowned online poker tournaments?

The world of online poker tournaments is huge, featuring a variety of exciting games for players at all levels. Major platforms host tournaments that attract thousands of players worldwide, offering enticing prize pools that can reach millions. In terms of the most renowned event, it’s got to be PokerStars’ Sunday Millions, which has a guaranteed million-dollar prize pool every week.

Why is the WSOP Main Event so highly respected?

The WSOP Main Event is highly respected because it combines a rich history, a large prize pool, and a diverse player base. It’s a stage where amateurs and pros can showcase their skills, and with thousands of players competing, winning it is a huge testament to skill and patience. Of course, the 8-figure first prize is pretty appealing, too.

What makes the European Poker Tour so popular?

The European Poker Tour is a prestigious tour that’s known for its high stakes and competitive playing field. It attracts top-notch players from around the world, although recent years have seen a lot more amateurs compete thanks to cheap satellite tournaments played online.

Who’s won the Aussie Millions Main Event?

The Aussie Millions Main Event is the highlight of the poker festival, and it’s been won by numerous professional players and amateurs. Some of the recent winners include Bryn Kenney, Toby Lewis, Alan Engel, David Gorr, and Oliver Speidel.

Is the Irish Open invite-only?

The Irish Open is Europe’s longest-running poker tournament, and while it’s true that it was once a strictly invite-only event, today it’s open to all players, providing they can afford the entry fee.

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