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The Best Numbers to Play in Mines GamesPH Roulette

Many people believe that there isn’t a winning strategy one can use when playing roulette. Nevertheless, it is an obvious fact that during the years, several roulette tactics have appeared, and many skilled players swear by them. Apart from strategies, a great deal of players also believe that there are certain lucky roulette numbers that bring more prizes than the rest of the numbers list. In the next paragraphs, we’ll talk about this belief and why it has emerged.

Why Are Some Roulette Numbers More Common than Others

When talking about roulette, the majority of gamblers state that the final results are based solely on luck and nothing else. Nonetheless, it is quite curious that many bettors use the same best roulette numbers over and over again whenever they lay bets on the wheel. That may appear a bit strange to many people, however, on this page, we will do our best to explain the reasons why some numbers are considered luckier than others.

Myriads of skilled casino players choose particular roulette numbers and colors, and they also use special strategies, such as The Martingale System, The D’Alembert System, or the Paroli System. These strategies, combined with the potentially winning roulette numbers, often contribute to satisfying prizes.

  • Best Numbers to Play in Roulette

  • The Magic Seven

  • Lucky Number Three

  • Well-Positioned Seventeen

  • Cold Numbers

  • Hot Numbers

  • Adjacent Numbers

Roulette Table Numbers

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, aside from betting on particular numbers when playing roulette, people often rely on popular strategies to increase their potential chances of winning tremendous rewards. In the table below, we will briefly explain the idea behind the most well-known roulette systems used by experienced and new bettors. If you know how to play online roulette, you’ll have no difficulty putting these strategies into practice.

ROULETTE STRATEGY:DETAILS:The Martingale SystemUsed for loss recovery. The stake is doubled after every losing spin.The D’Alembert SystemWorks on even bets. Ideal for newbies. If you win, decrease your bet and if you lose, increase your bet.The Paroli SystemIdeal for new players. If you win, you double your stake. If you lose, your stake remains the same.The Fibonacci SystemFollows this pattern: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144 Each bet should equal the combination of the last two bets.The Labouchere SystemWorks best on even bets. Perfect for skilled high-rollers. Bets depend on the overall amount of money a player wants to win.

Even though the above-described strategies are used quite frequently, the majority of players actually prefer to keep things even more simple by relying on nothing but specific lucky roulette numbers. Some of you may think that it is not possible for certain numbers to bring more rewards than others. Nonetheless, the rest of the players are completely positive that some roulette hot numbers are almost magical!

In the next paragraphs, we will list the most common numbers players lay their wagers on when betting on the wheel. We will also explain why these are believed to bring good luck. Last but not least, we will also focus on the differences between cold and hot roulette table numbers. Nevertheless, one should never forget that roulette is simply a casino game, and no strategy will guarantee a prize. If you want to test some of the top roulette game variations, you can play at Harrah’s Online Casino in NJ.

The Magic Seven

In many cultures around the world, the number seven is believed to be divine. There are numerous indications that show that it may truly be something special about this number. For instance, there are seven days in the week. Also, let’s not forget the Seven Wonders of the World. And these are just a few of the many reasons why people love this particular number. Casino players also seem to be fond of it, considering how many bettors consider it one of the best roulette winning numbers.

Lucky Number Three

Apart from the number seven, people really seem to love the number three. There isn’t a clear reason why so many players put their trust in this specific number when playing roulette online or offline. Nevertheless, it is a well-known fact that a great number of active gamblers choose to wager on it, and in many cases, their attempts turn out to be successful.

Ideally-Positioned Seventeen

The number seven, which we discussed earlier is part of another well-liked number, namely seventeen. Its reputation as one of the best numbers to bet on roulette comes from the fact that its position is quite suitable. It is basically situated in the middle of both French and American roulette tables, and many players believe that the chances of the ball landing in its pocket are quite high.

In addition to this, back in 1963, the popular actor Sean Connery won more than $25,000 by choosing seventeen as his lucky number. He played roulette at the Casino de la Vallee in Italy. For three consecutive turns, Connery won a prize, thanks to his lucky number. Once he reached $27,000, he decided it was time to stop and left the table.

Cold Roulette Numbers

Another tactic used by thousands of players worldwide is betting on the so-called cold roulette numbers. In the simplest terms, this means that you should lay your wagers on numbers that haven’t been hit lately. For instance, if the ball hasn’t fallen into the pocket of the number 23, this would make 23 a cold number.

Myriads of casino players like betting on such numbers because they believe that since they haven’t come up, they are about to do so. Nonetheless, this can’t be said for sure whether or not this strategy is successful. After all, a few hours may pass until the cold roulette wheel numbers bring a player any prizes.

Additionally, another thing we recommend you keep in mind is that the cold numbers may eventually turn into hot numbers. This happens when the ball suddenly stops in the pocket of the cold number for a few consecutive turns. In such a case, it would be best to pick another roulette number, unless you want to go with the so-called hot numbers.

Hot Roulette Numbers

Unlike the previously described cold numbers, hot numbers are the exact opposite. They appear more frequently, and a great number of active bettors choose to make them their best roulette numbers. Some players believe that betting on certain numbers that appear more often will significantly increase their chances of winning. Even though there isn’t any way you can predict the next lucky number, these bettors are convinced that wagering on the Hot numbers is one of the most successful strategies. To test your skills and practice the top strategies, you can play at Bet365 Online Casino in NJ where you can find many of the top online roulette variations.

However, as aforementioned, the cold numbers may quickly become hot ones and vice versa. Therefore, if you use this tactic when you play online roulette, you should be ready to change your preferred roulette table numbers quite swiftly. And additionally, you should be very precise during the game since you’ll have to remember the previous winning numbers.

Luckily, some online roulette games feature live statistics that show the numbers that have been called out during the previous turns. That is definitely beneficial considering that with this helpful function users will not be required to constantly keep track of the wheel. It is advisable to get familiar with the different roulette versions created by the different providers to find one that will make the whole gameplay easier for you.

Adjacent Roulette Numbers

And lastly, when players cannot decide between two or more adjacent numbers, they often choose to bet on all of them at once. In such cases, they wager on both black and red numbers in roulette since these two colors alternate on the wheel. Nonetheless, as many of you probably know, bets on more than two numbers require higher stakes on the player’s end. Therefore, if you wish to bet on five adjacent numbers, you may have to risk a significant sum of money.


In this last section on our page, you will be presented with additional information regarding the best roulette numbers. The questions and answers presented below are closely associated with the theme covered here. We hope that our post will be of great help to you during your next online roulette session.

What are the most common roulette numbers?

The most popular roulette numbers are definitely 3, 7, and 17. Seven is considered the luckiest of them all, and a great number of active roulette gamblers choose to bet on it when playing. Even though there isn’t proof that these numbers are actually winning, thousands of bettors put their trust in them.

Why is 17 one of the roulette hot numbers?

One of the reasons why people like betting on 17 is the fact that its position is on the middle of the wheel. Additionally, that was the number that helped Sean Connery to earn $27,000. Again, there isn’t a guarantee that it will bring you a fortune. However, myriads of players are attracted to it.

What are cold roulette numbers?

Some believe that the best thing you can do if you wish to win at roulette is to bet on the cold numbers. Simply put, there are numbers that come up quite infrequently. Some are positive that it is good to bet on numbers that don’t appear often because this means that they will get called soon.

What are hot numbers?

Hot numbers are numbers that get called out very often. Sometimes they are also named lucky roulette numbers. Nonetheless, betting on these has its negatives, as well. For instance, you never know when the hot numbers will become cold ones. This means that you should always be ready to change your strategy.

Are there any roulette strategies that work?

In one of our paragraphs we have listed the five most popular roulette strategies used by millions of players all around the world. We have briefly explained the differences between them so that it’s easier for our readers to pick one that’s suitable for their experience, preferences, and budget.

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