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The 5 Best Crash Mines GamesPH Gambling Sites

Crash gambling sites are becoming common as these unique casino games increase in popularity. This is good news for players, as it makes it easier to find a reputable site for your to use.

Picking the right online casinos for crash gambling games does not need to be difficult. You can use the same process you normally use for picking a casino site. The only difference is now you are looking for crash gambling games instead of other types of casino games.

To make your search even easier, I have made a list of the best crash gambling casino sites. Keep reading to find out which sites made my list and to see which casino fits your needs the best.

What Is Crash Gambling?

Online gambling has led to many innovations that benefit players, including the creation of new games. One of the best examples of this is crash gambling games. In these games, you have to decide how long you want to stay in a vehicle, such as a spaceship, before bailing out.

The longer you stay in the game, the higher your multiplier becomes and the bigger your payout. But if you stay on too long, then your ship will crash, and you will lose all of your money. These games can be more social than other games, too.

Multiple bettors can wager on the same virtual crash. Many crash games will allow you to see what other players are betting on the same ship as you. You may even be able to see when other bettors bail out, which can help you decide how long to stay in the game.

Best Crash Gambling Sites

Crash games can be a fun way to add variety to your gambling routine. If you want to try these unique games, then you need to use the best crash gambling sites. Here are the five sites that I would recommend you use to play crash games.

Ignition Casino – Best Overall Crash Games Casino

The first site on my list of the best crash gambling sites is Ignition Casino. This gambling site is well-known as one of the top online poker rooms, but it also has great casino games. Ignition even offers crash gambling options, such as Thundercrash.

In addition to offering a great selection of games, there are plenty of other reasons to consider Ignition as your crash games casino. For instance, the casino offers great bonus options for new and returning players. The Ignition Rewards program is a great way to earn bonuses, too.

Ignition is also one of the safest gambling sites available today. This means you can enjoy crash games without having to worry as much about your personal information being stolen.

Another reason to consider Ignition is that it has free versions of many of its casino games. While you cannot play crash games for free, you can watch other people play them. This can be a great tool for people who are new to this type of gambling.

Watching other players will allow you to learn the basics of crash games. You can learn from their strategies regarding when to cash out, how much to stake, and more. And since you are just watching, you will not be risking any of your own bankroll while you learn.

DuckyLuck Casino – Best Crash Game Banking Options

Another great option for crash games online is DuckyLuck Casino. Members of this casino can choose from hundreds of great games, including crash games like Triple Cash or Crash by BetSoft.

Providing games from trusted creators like BetSoft is just one reason to consider DuckyLuck for your crash gambling needs. Like Ignition, this site has a great selection of casino bonuses and an awesome VIP program. Every member is automatically enrolled in the VIP program after their first deposit, so you will have tons of bonuses to choose from.

DuckyLuck also accepts a wide variety of payment options. This is good news for fans of crash gambling as these games tend to be very popular with cryptocurrency bettors. Members of this casino can deposit with a variety of crypto options, such as:

  • Bitcoin

  • Litecoin

  • Ethereum

  • Bitcoin Cash

  • Tether

  • Dogecoin

Members also have a great selection of non-crypto payment methods, too. Members who decide to pay with Bitcoin and other cryptos, though, can receive special benefits such as faster payout speeds and improved VIP rewards. This means you can get even more bonus funds to use for playing crash games at DuckyLuck if you decide to deposit with an approved cryptocurrency.

Bovada – Best Crash Games Mobile Casino

The next crash gambling site on my list is Bovada. If you have used Bovada before, then you know that it has a great sportsbook and offers awesome casino games, too. The crash games can be found in the specialty games section of this casino.

Like Ignition, Bovada allows you to watch crash games while other bettors play them. Even though you cannot bet yourself without making a deposit, you can still learn a ton from watching other people play. When you are ready to play, you can quickly and easily sign up for an account and make a deposit.

Bovada is a great option for desktop users, but it is also one of the best crash game casinos for mobile players. The site is optimized for mobile devices, so you play crash games using your phone or tablet. You do not need to download the mobile casino app, either, as it can be accessed from your mobile browser. – Best Crash Game Welcome Bonuses is also a great option for anyone looking for a crash games casino. You can watch others play or place your own bets in the paid version of the game. New members can even get a ton of bonus funds to help them start playing.

At, new members have the option of claiming one of two welcome bonuses. The first is worth up to $5,000 and is available to all new members. Or, if you deposit with Bitcoin, you can claim a crypto-exclusive welcome bonus that is worth up to $7,500.

Both bonus options are spread out over your first nine deposits, so you can keep the bonus funds coming. Once you are through your first nine deposits, you can join the VIP program for even more bonuses.

BetUS – Best Crash Game User Interface

Rounding out my list of the top crash gambling sites is BetUS casino. This casino and sportsbook is a great option for players who are new to crash games. The site has an awesome user interface, making it easy to navigate.

Not only is the casino easy to use, but the games themselves have a great UI, too. Playing crash games at BetUS is easy to do because the games have a great UI. You can easily place your bets, see what other players are betting, and see the final multipliers from previous games.

Having a functional user interface is very important in all casino games, but it is especially important in crash games. You will only have a few seconds between rounds to place your bets. So, being able to quickly adjust your bets before the next round starts will be crucial to your ability to have success as a player.

Crash Gambling Tips

Now that you know where to play, you are probably eager to start playing crash games. But before you play, consider these crash gambling tips.

Start With Small Stakes

My first tip for people who are new to crash games is to use small stakes when you are first starting out. Some crash-style games may let you bet hundreds of dollars each round. This is great for players who have a large bankroll and tons of experience.

New players should start with small bets, though. This will help you learn how to play and test your strategy without wasting too much of your bankroll.

Have a Target in Mind

Another great tip for new crash game players is to have a target multiplier in mind. Once you hit your multiplier, bail out. Having a realistic target in mind will help you win more consistently and keep you from chasing unrealistic wins.

Don’t Try to Compete With Other Players

A third tip for succeeding at crash games is to avoid competing with other players. Most casinos will show you when other players choose to call it quits. If you always try to be the last person playing, you are going to lose more often than you win.

Which Crash Gambling Site Will You Try Next?

Crash games are one of the most popular new casino games at online gambling sites. The crash gambling sites above are all great options for new and experienced crash game players. Check out our casino reviews section to find the right casino sites to fit your needs.

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