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Taking Advantage of World Cup Casino Bonus Offers

You will notice all of the National Football Teams have started to arrive in Brazil and are now playing several warm up matches. With the Football World Cup about to get underway in the host country this does of course mean all citizens of the countries whose teams are still in the final rounds are going to be getting in the grip of World Cup Fever.

This is one of those times when you are going to find a huge number of online casinos showering on their customers all manner of different World Cup themed bonus offers, and today we are going to take a look at some of those many different promotional offers you will come across at most if not all of our top rated casino sites!

If you are looking for some excellent offers which are going to give you plenty of extended casino game playing sessions online, then once you have read through this overview of the best types of bonuses offered during the World Cup, make sure you visit as many of our rated casino sites to see what they have on offer by way of bonus offers!

Soccer Themed Slot Game Free Spins Bonuses

We have listed a range of World Cup Themed Slot Games on our website and you are going to find that a lot of casinos will be giving to their customer’s free spins on those games during the World Cup finals.

When you are taking a casino up on their free spins make sure that the slot game on which those free spins will be credited with has all of the available paylines activated when you are playing off those free spins, for some casinos only give you a few activated paylines and not all of the available ones!

You will often not have to make any deposit to claim these bonuses as they are mainly given away to loyal and regular customers of any one casino. However, you will find some casinos may opt to give you a rather large number of free spins on their Football Themed Arcade and Casino Games if you make a modest deposit, and those promotional offers may just be worth checking out!

Another promotion worth looking out for is a set of free spins which are given to you completely free of charge when signing up as a new customer of any casino site. These types of bonuses are usually in addition to a deposit match type of bonus that you can claim at those casino sites when you make an initial deposit.

Deposit Match World Cup Reload Bonus Offers

You will find plenty of new player sign up bonuses which are designed as deposit match offers when signing up to any new casino at which you have not played at before, during the World Cup 2014. However, if you are already a customer of one or more casino sites then look out for the following existing player type bonuses, for there may be some great value on offer.

A Reload Bonus will see you being able to get a bonus worth a percentage of the deposited amount, the value is going to vary of this bonus depending which casino you are playing at, but do not be too surprised to find bonuses worth 100% or greater during this Football Festival!

Some casinos may be offering their customers some form of cash back bonus during the World Cup, and if so you do need to be aware that you have to make a deposit, play and then lose to get anything back from this type of bonus offer!

However, as you are going to experience losing sessions as well as winning ones when playing online then this is a handy way for you to get some of those losses back, so do keep your eyes peeled for these cash back bonus offers throughout the World Cup.

World Cup Slot Tournaments

One way that you could have a risk free slot playing session online is to take part in one of the many different slot tournaments that are going to be up and running during the World Cup. There are plenty of different structured slot tournaments on offer however the ones to look out for are those classed as Freerolls!

By taking part in a Freeroll slot tournament you are not going to be charged anything for entering, but you could, if you manage to get a high enough score, win one of several different cash prizes, based on where you end up on the slot tournaments leader board!

The casinos that offer by far and away the biggest number of slot tournament each and every single day of the week, many of which cost nothing to enter, are those that use Microgaming’s downloadable gaming platform.

Be aware though that some downloadable casinos operating on Microgaming’s gaming platform do not have the networked slot tournaments on offer so check this out before you download the suite of games or you will be wasting your time!


As always when you are considering taking up any casino on their respective bonus offers, you should take a good look through all terms and conditions which are attached to those promotional offers. As by doing so you will soon discover if they are as attractive as they sound!

Also never play any type of bonus that limits how much you can win when utilizing it, for having restrictions in place in regards to your winning potential is never a good thing, and could see a huge winning payout being reduced in value!

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