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Street Craps Rules in Mines Games On LuckyCola

If you're looking for a straightforward gambling game, Street Craps could be for you and today we're going to talk you through Street Craps rules! If you're familiar with Craps, then the rules for Street Craps are somewhat simplified. If you're a complete novice, the great news is that the game isn't too difficult to grasp and can be a fun pastime once you get to grips with it. There are some rules and guidelines you need to be aware of before you play, and that's where we come in. We'll cover all the most popular slang terms, Street Craps for Dummies and everything in between so you can go and have a fun game with knowledge behind you!

Street Craps Rules and Terms

Our Street Craps rules for dummies all start with learning the lingo. If you go into any game without researching its rules and terms first, you may as well be throwing your money away.

Street Dice Slang

As with other casino games, rules for street craps come with slang words. So let's look at some craps terms so you can get more familiar with the game:

Dice - Street dice rules say that there needs to be two regular dice in the game. Unfortunately, some players who want to cheat could use trick dice, which will help them gain an advantage over their opponents.

Shooter - Someone always has to throw the dice, and this is the Shooter. Craps Street rules state that there can only be one Shooter, and they can decide whether to place a bet or make a pass.

Placing Bets - According to Street Craps dice rules, you can only place a bet when the Shooter has taken the dice.

Pass - A pass bet can be made if the Shooter thinks they will roll a seven or eleven. You will win if the Shooter hits any of these two numbers with both dice combined.

Don't Pass - If you think the Shooter will hit two, three or twelve, you can consider taking a gamble and placing a Don't Pass bet. This will be the value of both of the dice once rolled.

Bounce - One of the essential rules of Street Craps is that the dice bounce after the Shooter throws them. Should the dice not bounce, it will invalidate the throw, and the Shooter will be required to start again.

Fingers - No body parts should be in the shooting areas, including fingers, toes and feet.

It may be possible to come across other slang words, but these are the most popular ones that will help you get more familiar with the game.

Street Craps Rules for Dummies

Every casino game has rules and how to play street dice is no different. We'll simplify the most popular rules so you can pick up the game quicker and put your practice into play.

Let's look at the list of rules now:

  • There is no ruling on how to choose the Shooter

  • The Shooter selects the betting amount to wager

  • It's up to the Shooter to offer odds during the game

  • The Shooter can reduce the betting amount if the wagers can't cover the initial bet

  • In Street Craps, players can also make side bets

  • After the Shooter throws the dice, all bet placing must stop

  • All Passes get a win if the result of the dice roll is seven or eleven

  • Don't Pass bets will win if the results are two, three, or twenty

Street Craps Rules Step-By-Step Recreation

Now let's get down to the nitty-gritty and show you step-by-step how to play Street Craps so you can start forming a craps strategy and winning your bets!

Get to know the basics

If you're a serious player, you'll know by now the first step for trying any game is knowledge. Knowledge is power, so if you learn the basics first, you're already one step ahead. You should also know your moves before you play so you have a good idea of the kind of craps payout you can expect for the bets you're about to make.

Get ready to play by anteing up

Once your basic knowledge is there, you're ready to play. First, you need to ante up by placing a small amount into the pot. This must happen before any bets are placed and before the Shooter is decided.

See who the Shooter is

There always has to be one Shooter. You and all the players who are anted will roll to decide who the Shooter is. It is the person who rolls the highest that becomes the Shooter.

Place a pass or no pass bet

If you are the Shooter, you will be first. If you were not the Shooter, the person who is would always place their bets first. This will either be a "pass" or "crap", but the Shooter may bet on themselves.

Roll the come-out

The Shooter will always do the initial come-out roll, but if the Shooter passes or craps, it immediately ends the game. Any money in the pot is distributed between the players according to how much they bet.

However, if the Shooter rolls a point, pass bets turn into point bets, and crap bets become bets that the Shooter will 7 out.

If necessary, roll for point

This final step may not always be required, but you can continue rolling until the Shooter points up or goes 7 out. This particular rule will depend on which version of Street Craps you're playing, but sometimes the betting goes into a higher gear if the point is reached. It is also common for a round of side bets to occur.

Is Street Dice the Same as Craps?

If you learn how to play Craps, you can apply the same strategy to Street Dice, also known as Street Craps. Street Dice is a simple game and very similar to Craps. The main difference between the games is that Street Dice can be played outside rather than using a traditional 'Craps' table.

How Many Dice Do You Need for Street Craps?

Street Craps is played with two dice that the Shooter rolls; this applies to a regular game of Street Craps. You will bet on the outcome of these two dice based on your own roll or a roll made by another player. The dice will usually be six-sided, although some rules may allow four-sided dice.

How to Play Craps at Home?

The beauty of Craps is that you don't have to visit a casino to play it! If you like the privacy of your home, then play at home. You will need to create a Craps table, but you may need a lot of room. As a rule, these Craps tables are big, so make sure you clear up some space.

Is It Difficult to Learn How to Play Street Dice

The best craps players in the world only got to where they are now by practising. Skills don't develop overnight. Practice makes perfect! Learning how to play Street Dice is all about getting that practice in. It's not as challenging to learn as traditional Craps, and if you're familiar with Craps already, you'll be able to pick this game up relatively quickly. It's always a good idea to have a basic craps strategy in place, but again, this will come with time and experience. Our top tips would be to build your basic knowledge first, which is everything we have included in today's blog. Street Dice is full of rules, so understanding these rules before you play could be the key to your success. The same goes for the jargon: familiarise yourself with the abovementioned terms before you play! Finally, read our step-by-step instructions to know what to expect. There are a lot of different steps required in Street Dice. Know your next moves before they happen, and you could just have the edge over your opponents.

Good luck!

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