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Single-Hand and Multi-Hand Video Poker Online Mines Games Easy Win Casino

In classic video poker, players bet on a single hand dealt by the computer but in recent years, multi-hand variations have become very popular. They allow you to play 5, 10 or up to 100 hands simultaneously, which spices up the game and makes it much more intriguing.

When you start the game, you choose the cards you wish to hold and then you push the Deal/Draw button – just like in regular video poker. But instead of receiving a single set of new cards, you are presented with multiple hands where the cards you hold remain the original positions.

These multi-hand variations give you the opportunity to win multiple hands at a time. However, the bet you place is multiplied by the number of hands you are playing, so each round, you will be required to bet much more.

For instance, if you playing with 1 coin on a 100-hand game, the bet per single round will be 100 coins. This is why multi-hand video poker is not recommended for novice or budget players – they can lose large amounts of money within minutes, even with a perfect strategy.

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