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Regional Blackjack Online Mines Game Casino Variants

Some of the most popular online blackjack games are those which are configured around the types of games which are found in your local land based casino! When you familiar which a blackjack game you will know how to play it perfectly and optimally and will of course be able to get the house edge down to the absolute minimum, which is what you want to do.

When it comes to you selecting a casino site that has lots of different regional blackjack variants on offer, which these games are known as, then you will find more than enough of them available at sites such as Microgaming Casinos, for when playing at those casinos you will be able to play for low or high stakes and will get lots of comps awarded to you when playing those games for real money.

However, as you may not be familiar with that casino software platform, in the following guide we shall take a look at just what regional blackjack games are on offer at those sites and will give you an overview of what each game has to offer by its game play rules and more importantly the blackjack house edge you can achieve, when playing those games perfectly and with optimum strategy in play!

Online Las Vegas Blackjack Games

Many players will be looking for a single deck game when they are logged into an online casino site and y playing at a Microgaming powered site you will come across a Vegas Single Deck variant. This game does of course offer one single deck which is going to be shuffled before each new game is sent into live play.

The game comes with something of a low house edge when played perfect and you can expect to get the house edge down to just 0.35% when you play the Vegas Single Deck Blackjack game optimally at a Microgaming powered casino site.

Another blackjack game from Microgaming which offers a house edge to perfect strategy players of 0.35% is the Vegas Strip Blackjack game, when you choose to play this particular variant you will discover it offers a 4 deck game and when playing off your initial two cards that have been dealt out to you the game play rules permit you to double down on any value of those two cards, which is a playing rule you may appreciate.

If you are a fan of the Downtown area of Las Vegas then one game which could appeal to you when you choose to play at any Microgaming software powered online casino site is the Downtown Blackjack game. The house edge you can achieve when you play this game perfectly is quite low, working out at just 0.39%.

European Regional Blackjack Games

If you live in Europe then one blackjack game variant you will probably be very familiar with, as it is the type of blackjack game found in most European land based casinos is the European Blackjack game.

If you log onto any of our featured online casino sites that offer Microgaming designed games then you will find the European Blackjack game on offer gives you the ability, through perfect play of getting the house edge down to just 0.42% when you play that variant and for reference is it a game played with just two full decks of playing cards.

Another online blackjack game which you may just be interested in playing and is one found in one particular European country is the game of Spanish Blackjack. However, this variant is very unique in its design for all of the ten cards have been removed from the deck.

To compensate for the removal of the ten valued playing cards in this eight deck game a range of bonus payouts can be achieved without the need for you to place any type of bonus bet. Those bonus payouts are awarded when you are dealt out certain hand combinations.

If you fancy giving the Spanish Blackjack game online then you will of course be able to test it out for free to see if it is a game you actually enjoy playing pr whenever you want to you can play it for real money.

The house edge that you can achieve when playing Spanish Blackjack online with optimal play is 0.38% so it is certainly another game you may be interested in playing and one that will certainly offer you more than enough winning chances whenever you do decide to play blackjack for free or for real money!


We would recommend that if you are a blackjack player that you spend some time checking out just what variants are on offer at any of our approved and top rated online casinos, for by doing so you will come across possibly lots of different blackjack game that you have never seen or played before.

The one thing every single blackjack player should be looking for is the games which offer the lowest house edge, but the only way to get any blackjack games house edge down to the very lowest figure is by you playing every single hand that gets dealt out to you perfectly.

So another thing you should spend some time doing is learning how to play your preferred blackjack game perfectly for once you do so you are always going to be instantly increasing your winning chances when you decide to play those games online or even on your mobile devices!

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