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Optimizing Microgaming’s Blackjack Mines Game Casino Strategy Tables

When you choose to Play Blackjack at any online casino using Microgaming’s gaming platforms, you are going to be able to utilize the Auto Play Feature. This is a way of making the Blackjack game play automatically without you having to play each hand manually yourself!

However, what you need to be aware of when playing any type of Blackjack game variant is that due to The Way Blackjack Games are Structured and Designed, each game will come with its own set of payouts and playing rules. All players need to fully master the way in which any Blackjack game they are thinking of playing works and operates, for by doing so you can then benefit from that game playing out to its predetermined house edge.

Mastering the very fine art of playing Blackjack is not as easy as you may first think. For you have to learn every possible hand combination that can be dealt out not only to you, but also the Dealer, and then know instantly how to play that hand optimally!

The way that a land based casino Blackjack player will be able to quickly learn how to play any Blackjack game perfectly, is by getting hold of something known as a Blackjack strategy card. This is a small piece of card which has printed upon it all of the possible hand combinations both you are the Dealer can be dealt out, and in a grid like formation it shows you how to play each had.

There are so many online Blackjack game variants on offer it is going to be quite difficult for a player to quickly master each game. However, Microgaming has a unique feature attached to their Blackjack games and this is their built in Blackjack Strategy Tables.

Utilizing the Blackjack Strategy Tables

When you launch any of Microgaming’s Gold Series of Blackjack games you are going to find you can click on a small button located at the side of the game screen, and once clicked the Blackjack Strategy Table will slide out on the screen.

This table shows you every possible hand combination that you can be dealt out and will also show you the range of card combinations that the dealer can be dealt out.

By simply looking up any hand combination you have been dealt out, and what card the Dealer is currently showing as his up card, you will then be able to see just how to play that hand optimally. This ensures that by checking this Blackjack Strategy Table or even batter making a copy of it, you are never going to be making any playing errors!

Whilst the table shows the optimal playing strategy for each Blackjack game variant on offer, if you have your own unique playing strategy you are able to adjust the table by clicking on the corresponding hand combinations.

The main attraction of the Gold Series Blackjack games offered at Microgaming powered casinos is that the games have the Auto Play feature and it is the Blackjack Strategy Table that the Auto Play setting utilizes in regards how it plays each hand. Therefore when turning on and utilizing that automatic playing feature the game is going to be playing out, before your very eyes optimally!

Should You Deviate From Optimal Strategy?

One question that many novice Blackjack players may ask is when they are faced with a certain hand combination, should they go with their gut feeling in regards to how to play that hand, and as such will it be ok for them to deviate from the optimal playing strategy.

The answer to this question is no! By making any betting and/or playing move when playing Blackjack either online or in a land based casino that is different from the way you are shown to play that hand on any Blackjack strategy card or strategy table is going to result in you playing that game incorrectly.

Each time you deviate from optimal playing strategy you are going to increase the house edge for the casino on that session you are playing, and the higher the house edge becomes for the casino, through you making incorrect playing moves and betting decisions, the more quickly you will lose!

Whilst it is true to say that sometimes when you are playing Blackjack if you do deviate from the optimal playing strategy and end up winning a hand, the long term house edge will be affected negatively by you veering of it repeatedly! So at all times, irrespective of whether you have a gut feeling or not, you should always stick to the exact betting and playing move as shown on the Blackjack strategy table or Blackjack strategy card!


If you do intend to play Blackjack at a Microgaming powered casino then do be aware that the Blackjack Strategy Tables attached to each game have been set, by default, to the optional playing strategy.

So you should not amend or change any of them for by doing so you will alter the house edge attached to that particular variant in a negative way! As these Blackjack strategy tables are used on the Auto Play Setting then if you do wish to set the games to play themselves this is possible and by activating the Auto Play option you are never going to be making any playing errors, and will be getting the best winning chances!

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