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Online Slot Games You Should Avoid Playing

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

You may be a little surprised on the subject of today’s online slot game article, for we are going to be showing you a range of slots that you should never play!

These are of course the slots which are designed in such a way that over the long term will return a pitiful payout percentage or as it is known in the business RTP. If you are new to the world of slot playing we should explain that RTP means return to player, and is the amount of cash that a player is expected to get paid back to them as winnings, based on the total amount wagered on any slot game over a long period of time.

Playtech Slots with Low RTP’s

Many slot game designers such as Playtech have new slot games appearing online all the time and you may be asking Do New Slot Games Payout More Than Older Slot Games, well the answer to this often asked question is no, each slot game has been designed uniquely and the RTP’s attached to each online slot game cannot be increased or lowered based on them being new or older slots!

The slot games which return low RTP’s at Playtech powered sites are game such as the What's Cooking slot the Wanted Dead or Alive slot, the La Chatte Rouge slot and The Mummy slot game which have RTP’s of 93.03%, 92.00%, 92.01% and 91.94% respectively, which are very low when you compare them to some other Playtech slot games which offer RTP’s as high as 97.40% such as the Jungle Boogie slot!

Poor Paying Microgaming Slot Games

They way that some slot games have been designed is that you need to play them in a certain way to guarantee that you will be playing that game in such a way that the best payout percentage on offer will be returned to you over the long term.

For more information on how you should be playing certain online slots please do checkout our guide which will enlighten you on Slot Playing Errors and Game Play Mistakes that could lower the actual payout percentage of the slot you are playing.

We think that many slot players will enjoy the diversity and variety of slot games found in Microgaming software powered sites, however, as they have so many of them available you will of course find the payout percentages these slot games have attached to them vary quite wildly, and as such let us give you an idea of just which Microgaming slot games have very low payout percentages.

The progressive slot games found across the Microgaming network are very, very low paying slots in regards to their long term payout percentages, and when playing for example the Mega Moolah slot you will be up against a payout percentage of a low 88.12%, and when playing slots such as their Major Millions slot the RTP of that slot game is just 89.37%, the low RTP’s on the range of progressive slots is due to the jackpot contribution, which sees a small amount of your stake being placed into the jackpot pool.

So for a better chances of winning over the long term stick to some of Microgaming’s higher paying slots which have higher payout percentages such as their Couch Potato slot that returns over the long term 97.43% of the stakes wagered.

Playing Land Based Slots Online

Many companies such as IGT have made some of their best paying land based slot games into online slots and you will often find a range of their slot games available at the casinos you are playing at online and if so we shall now highlight some of their games which sadly are not over generous slots in regards to the payout percentages found attached to them!

The 100000 Pyramid slot has something of an exciting bonus game on which you will be working your way up a Pyramid which is displayed on the bonus game screen when this feature round is awarded to you, however you should be aware that even though there are some large winning payouts on offer the expected long term RTP of this particular slot is very low at just 92.78% to 95.03%.

One of IGT’s more recent slot games to be brought online is their Ghostbusters slot, this slot does get a lot of attention from players as its theme is of course based on the film of the same name and therefore is an instantly recognizable slot game, however when you find out that its RTP has been set to return to players just 92.50% to 94.50% of their stakes it is a poor paying slot when compared to other slots IGT have made available to online slot players!

One final slot that you should never bother playing when you are playing at an online casino site that has IGT’s range of slot games on offer is the Transformers slot, this is a very, very low paying slot game over the long term and if you make the mistake of playing it then you will find it has been set to return a payout percentage of just 92.52%!


When you see an online slot game available at any casino site you may be attracted to play it based on the way it has been themed or when you take a look at its pay table you may like the look of the payouts listed up on it or the bonus games that the slot has on offer.

The only way you are going to get a much longer playing session on any slot games and a better chance of winning is by only playing those games which have been designed to payback to players more from their wagered stakes, so become a savvy slot player and always make a point of finding out which are the best paying online slots by virtue of their RTP’s and only invest your bankroll and play time to playing those slots!

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