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Mines in Various Online Casinos

To compete in the casino market, platforms must offer their players something special. In the aspect of the classic Mines game, there are dozens of unique projects and special playing conditions. We will tell you about a few of these projects below.

Game Mines (Minesweeper) at Vulkan VEGAS casino

At online casinos Vulkan Vegas players can test their tactics and luck trying not to get on a mined field and choosing risk tactics. At the beginning of the game you choose the size of the field. The larger the field, the lower the risk of quickly hitting a mine, but the longer the game will last. Choosing a small field, you can finish the game in a few moves, but the risk of hitting the mine will be much higher.

Mines by 1WIN Casino

Casino 1WIN decided not to stray far from the original Minesweeper and offers players its interpretation in the work of the provider Betsolution. Playing at 1WAN you have no option to change the size of the field, instead the platform offers a classic mines in a new design and with a nice odds of winning.

UP-X - Real Money Mines

Having chosen UP-X as a gaming platform you can risk your savings by playing an updated mines simulator. Here you will find a medium-sized field, an interesting design and a solid pot if luck is on your side. The platform supports different methods of payment, so there is a place both credit card holders and owners of cryptocurrencies.

Play Mines with bonuses at Stake Casino

Stake Casino trying to cope with the high level of competition among platforms has solved the problem quite elegantly. Given the popularity of cryptocurrencies today, the casino offers increased bonuses for those who have switched to decentralized coins and are willing to take their chances.

Online Mines for Money at Roobet

Casino Roobet offers not quite a standard field and the opportunity to assess their deductive abilities for free. So, a demo version of Saper is available on the service. If you are confident in your tactics of the game, Roobet will offer you a large field with minimal risk and a large number of moves.

1xBet - Mines online (Saper) with payouts

To attract potential players, the platform gives users the opportunity to try out their abilities in a 5 by 10 field demo version of the game. Such a seemingly insignificant change changes the rules of the whole game, because now it becomes more difficult to calculate the location of mines. However, the proposed winnings for a successful round with more than covers all the risks.

Minesweeper at BetWinner

In order to compete with other projects, BetWinner has enlisted the support of a leading operator and gambling provider. This allowed BetWinner to offer players a new visual design of Minesweeper. The platform allows you to play a demo and pay with cryptocurrency. At the beginning of the game, you can choose the size of the field depending on the desired risk factor. This possibility was an additional reason to play mines on this platform.

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