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Mines Games Pattern Casino Bonus Calculator By LCB - Calculate Your Bonus WR Quickly!

When talking about online casino bonuses, players are mostly concerned about wagering requirements. Even though it is possible to find offers that bear no playthrough demands, the vast majority of them have them. For that reason, it is essential to understand well how to calculate them properly.

Is a casino bonus calculator complicated to use?

Example:20x wagering requirement A 20x wagering requirement means you must playthrough your requirements 20 times before you can withdraw any winnings. Case: 100% up to £100 with a wagering requirement of x20. Bonus money example: Deposit £50 and get £50 bonus money. The wagering requirement is the bonus money multiplied by 20 (£50 x 20 = £1000). Deposit amount + Bonus money example: Deposit £50 and get £50 bonus money. The wagering requirement is the deposit amount + bonus money multiplied by 20 (£50 + £50 x 20 = £2000). Wagering requirements calculator Result: Deposit amount Bonus amount Wagering Bonus Deposit + Bonus Contribution % Calculate *Value must be less than or equal to 100

Absolutely not. All it takes is to enter the amount of deposit and bonus, as well as rollover requirements, and contribution percentage. Also, it is necessary to define whether the calculation applies to the bonus amount only, or bonus plus deposit.

But, before you just type in those numbers, it would be wise to have a better understanding of why wagering requirements exist, what’s their role and learn more about game contribution.

This insightful guide is a unique opportunity to have all those questions answered, so stay tuned!

What is a Casino Bonus Calculator?

As the name itself explains, it is a convenient tool used to help you calculate the amount of a money you need to play through. When you type in the amount of deposit, bonus, percentage, and some other relevant info, you get the calculation. That number will help you evaluate whether it’s worth claiming after all.

Wait- you deposit $100 and you get 100% on top of that, what’s not to like about it? What kind of evaluation are we talking about?

If you were to ask some experienced players…

…they’d tell you that all those attractive bonuses should be treated as wolves in sheep’s clothing. Or, if you want less dramatic expression- you should take them with a grain of salt.

When exploring deposit bonuses (introductory, reload, match, or the ones with extra spins), it’s not only the gigantic percentage that matters, other factors should be taken into consideration. That’s why the casino bonus calculator comes in very handy, helping you get a quick answer on the true value of the bonus.

How to Use The Calculator to Calculate Wagering Requirements?

Before these convenient tools were manufactured, gamblers calculated those percentages manually. Of course, some people still use that “vintage” calculation technique. But, thanks to the rapid development of technology, things are much simpler now.

Like we already hinted, it is necessary to define whether the calculation applies to bonus only or the amount of bonus and deposit.

These are 5 steps to follow:

  1. Enter the amount of bonus or bonus + deposit (if the WR apply to both)

  2. Type in the amount of playthrough requirements

  3. Select bonus/ deposit + bonus

  4. Enter game contribution percentage (see info below)

  5. Press “calculate”

As simple as that!

If you want a quick example, here it comes. Imagine that you deposit $10 and you get a $50 bonus, with wagering requirements of 5x.

  1. a) BONUS: $50 x 5 (WR) = $250

  2. b) DEPOSIT+BONUS: ($10 + $50) x5 (WR) = $300

So, to make the cash withdrawable, a punter has to wager a total of $250 in situation a), that is $300 in situation b).

Contribution %

Do all casino games contribute equally towards meeting wagering requirements? Unfortunately, the answer is no. That’s because some of them have higher payout percentages, which means that punters could meet the said requirements faster and simpler, and lay their hands on the winnings after relatively short playing sessions.

“What’s wrong about that?” you may ask.

From a perspective of a player, it’s undoubtedly the ideal scenario. But, observing from the casino’s side, that doesn’t pay off. So, to ensure balance and fairness, the best solution was to define contribution percentage.

Below is the list of average contribution percentages per game categories:

  • Slots = 0% to 100% (usually always 100% with the exception of some slots with very high RTP)

  • Baccarat = 0% to 25% contribution

  • Blackjack = 0% to 25%

  • Caribbean stud = 10% to 50%

  • Craps = 0% to 25%

  • European roulette = 0% to 25%

  • French roulette = 0% to 25%

  • Hold’em poker = 10% to 50%

  • Let Em Ride = 10% to 50%

  • Keno = 100%

  • Red Dog = 10% to 50%

  • Scratchcards = 100%

  • Video poker = 0% to 25%

It is important to point out that slots with high RTP (97% or higher) are sometimes restricted completely from contributing. Also, bear in mind that our list is just an illustration, it doesn’t mean that all online venues apply these percentages.

So, how to be sure what is the exact percentage? The best is to check the list in official Terms and Conditions. That’s because it varies from one venue to another.

Why Do Wagering Requirements Exist?

There’s been lots of discussion on what’s the purpose of WRs. Is the designed purpose to stop punters from cashing out, to simply annoy them or there’s some legitimate reason for their existence?

The truth is- they exist to prevent money laundering. If there weren’t any, it would be easy for criminals to transfer their illegal funds by replenishing the account and cashing out with no restrictions whatsoever. That’s why online betting shops use playthrough- to comply with AML regulations.

What Are Wager-Free Casino Bonuses?

Just like the expression says, those are promotional packages that bear no playthrough requirements at all. Yes, as unbelievable as it sounds, some venues DO offer incentives without imposing any WR on them. As a matter of fact, most UK online casinos are eliminating them completely, due to the Commission’s attitude on unfair terms.

However, other components may diminish its initial attractiveness, to say so. In most cases, a punter is required to deposit before being able to obtain winnings from wagerless bonuses. But, that’s just one of the “obstacles”, which leads us to the next question:

To Claim or Not to Claim?

With a calculator by your side, your evaluation process is significantly simplified, so don’t hesitate to use it whenever in doubt. But, this tool aside, here’s what else you should pay attention to:

  • Which one should you use first- deposited money or bonus funds?

Sometimes you use your funds first, while in other cases, you wager with bonus money. That depends from one hub to another. Let’s say that you use your funds first- if you win, you can forfeit the bonus and cash out without having to meet WRs.

  • Are there any max bet limits while wagering?

Yes, in most cases, punters cannot place big bets to meet the playthrough requirements quickly. The max amount is usually capped at $5(or equivalent in other currencies).

  • What’s the duration of a bonus?

This represents a timeframe in which a punter needs to meet the requirements to be able to withdraw money. If not, he/she can lose the bonus funds.

  • Which games contribute and how much?

If a game contributes 50%, this means out of $5 placed, $2.5 would count as a contribution.

  • Are the funds withdrawable at all?

In some cases, bonus money cannot be withdrawn but only used for further playing (added to the bonus balance), while in others everything is cashable once the WRs have been met. That’s each venue’s policy, which is why a punter should always familiarize him/herself with the accompanying rules.

Gamble responsibly!

Casino Bonus Calculator FAQ

Are WRs of 35x difficult to meet?

No, this is still considered an industry’s average. Below 30 is excellent, between 30 and 50 is acceptable, while anything that goes above 50x is seen as challenging to complete.

What is the 1x wagering requirement?

This means that a punter is required to wager the bonus only once, and he/she can convert the winnings to cash.

What happens if a player doesn’t meet playthrough demands?

If one doesn’t manage to meet the demands, the bonus money cannot be converted to real withdrawable cash. That happens for various reasons- either the games had a lower contribution percentage or the timeframe to meet WRs was too short.

How to find online casinos which impose no WR?

Above all, it is important to pick brands that have a good reputation among players. Choosing a hub that offers perks with no WRs but is known for failing to cashout winnings can only do you harm. So, pick the ones which are ranked well, and then explore the lobbies to see what sort of campaigns exist.

How to beat wagering requirements?

While there’s no magic formula that will ensure you will beat them after a couple of spins, there’s a way to improve chances. First of all, take all the above mentioned factors into account. A tactic that some punters apply is to use bonus funds for risky games that have big odds. In case they have some solid winnings, they use those funds to complete WR by switching to less risky games. However, that is seen as irregular gambling patterns and not all casinos tolerate that.

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