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Mines Game Easy Win Casino Rare Variations of the Surrender Rule

1. Available Only at Specific Casinos

In addition to early and late surrender, there are several other variations of this player-friendly rule. Some of them are rarer than hen’s teeth and available only at specific land based casinos. Others, like surrendering after splitting, hitting, or doubling, are supported by certain online variants of the game and we shall cover them shortly.

2. Macau Surrender

Macau Surrender enabled players to forfeit any hand containing five cards as long as their total value did not exceed 21. We are intentionally using past simple tense as this version of the rule has now become obsolete.

3. Early Surrender Against a Ten

Early Surrender against a ten is pretty much self-explanatory. You can forfeit a lousy starting total against the dealer’s ten. This variation of surrender is usually available in European-style blackjack games where no hole cards are in play for the dealer. You cannot exercise this move against the dealer’s ace, though.

4. Surrender After Hitting

Surrender after hitting is when you can forfeit a hand after any number of hits as long as its total does not go over 21.

5. Surrender After Doubling

Surrender after doubling is quite unambiguous as the rule allows you to forfeit a hand you have doubled down on. The dealer collects only the double down wager and gives you back your original bet. This rule variation is also known as Double Down Rescue.

6. Surrender After Splitting

Surrender after splitting enables players to exercise the surrender move after they have split a pair of cards of equal denomination. You can forfeit one hand and finish playing the other, although surrendering both split hands is also possible.

7. Surrender After Buying Insurance

Surrender after buying insurance is also quite obvious. Here you can fold a hand you have already insured. For clarification, insurance is available on any player hand when the dealer starts with an ace. Insurance costs half of your original wager and pays at odds of 2 to 1 if the dealer has a ten in the hole for a blackjack. If not, you lose the insurance bet and play your hand as normal.

8. Casino Surrender

Casino Surrender allows you to forfeit any two-card total of twenty against a dealer who shows a ten but does not have a blackjack. Experts recommend against this move as it is largely considered detrimental to players

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