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Is There Such a Thing as Online Mines Game Casino Etiquette?

There are of course many unique benefits to be had by playing casino games online, as opposed to playing in a land based casino, and should you be relatively new to the online gaming environment, then as part of our ongoing and quite diverse range of articles and playing guides, we would like to present to you this guide which covers the often overlooked subject of online casino etiquette.

As you may already be aware when you are visiting a land based casino those venues will have their own house rules, and you will often be expected to conform to a set of rules and regulations and adhere to the correct casino etiquette.

However, the online casino gaming environment is completely different to the land based gaming environment, and in case you are wondering there is indeed certain ways you should behave when playing in any online casino so as not to annoy your fellow players or upset the customer support team!

In this guide we shall let you know everything there is to know about online casino etiquette and as such please do have a good read through of this article for you will soon discover that whilst the online gaming environment is fun and very laid back there are some ways of behaving that will ensure you get the maximum fun and entertainment and will never run into any kinds of problems when playing at such a site.

Contacting Customer Support

Let us begin by letting you know how to handle correctly the casino customer support team at any online casino. Now it is worth remembering that the support agents on duty at any online casino are there to help you, and resolve any problems you may be experiencing, and as such you should treat them with respect at all times.

If you do have any kind of problem if you immediately start ranting and raving at the customer support team or even worse start abusing them or swearing at them you are not likely to get your problems solved, in fact any customer support team faced with such a person would be quite within their rights to ignore that customer rather than be the subject of abuse.

So never forget to say hi, good morning or good day to the customer support agent, and then let them know the nature of your problem. Be aware they will always require you to answer a few general security questions before they can help you, so always be calm and collected and those support agents will then have you on your way in no time.

Be aware that badgering the customer support teams for bonuses when you have lost is not always a free ride to get you a free bonus. Some players will always contact the customer support teams when they have lost expecting a free bonus, and a refusal often causes offense, so never try and badger or bully a casino support agent for a free bonus, as often they are not able to give them away!

Multi Player Online Casino Games

If you are playing at an online casino site that offers a range of multi player games, then you will find when you log into those sites and start to play those games you will have access to a chat room, in which you can chat to all of the other players sat around and playing that particular game.

Now just like in the real word, when you are playing at an online casino, you are going to come across some people you cannot stand or fellow players who just annoy you through their very presence!

If this is the case rather than respond to any comments they are making in the chat room, or getting annoyed by their incessant ramblings, be aware that it will be beneficial for you to either close down the chat window and by doing so you will never have to view what they are rambling on about, or you are always free to stop playing that game and go to play another one.

Getting into any cyber argument when playing at an online casino is never a good thing, and will certainly sour your gaming experience which you will not want. So either to turn off the chat room feature or simply move on to play another game.

Live Dealer Casino Games

When playing Live Dealer online casino games you are able to interact with the dealers and the other players sat around the card or table game you are playing. Never forget that those casino employees and fellow players are real people and you should always treat them with courtesy and respect.

The chat room feature offered on Live Dealer games works in much the same way at the ones attached to multi player casino games, and as such if you are being distracted by the chat in that window you can always close it down and simply ignore whatever everyone is talking about or discussing in the chat window.


Always be as polite as you are in real life when you are playing at any online casino site, whilst people playing at any online casino site will want instant satisfaction when it comes to playing games, getting bonuses credited or getting help from a customer support agent, there are times when you will have to be patient and wait your turn.

Losing your temper or constantly abusing any online casino support team member or any fellow player will often lead to you getting banned from that site, so treat others how you would like to be treated yourself, and by doing so you will always have an enjoyable online gaming experience, and one on which any problems will get resolved to your satisfaction.

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