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Is Blackjack Mines Games Tips Luck or Skill?

Casinos offer plenty of variety when it comes to luck-based and skill-based games. Slot machines, for example, are among the most luck-based games. In contrast, video poker requires an immense amount of skill.

Blackjack certainly has a reputation for being a skill-based game. However, does it really require as much skill as advertised?

You can find out below while reading what constitutes skill and luck in this game. You’ll also find some tips for improving your blackjack winnings.

Blackjack Contains Both Skill and Luck Elements

Blackjack is one of the more unique casino games. It gives you the ability to choose from multiple decisions on any given hand.

You always have the option of hitting or standing. Depending upon the situation, you may also be able to hit and/or double down. Some casinos even allow you to surrender hands and get half of your bets back.

The fact that you have different decisions in front of you means that blackjack is a skill game. The choices you make directly impact your odds of winning.

However, blackjack also contains plenty of luck. The cards that you and the dealer receive have a big impact on the odds.

In one scenario, you’ll automatically lose a hand without even making a decision. If the dealer is dealt a natural blackjack and you’re not, then they immediately beat you.

The Skill Side

Again, you need to make decisions with every blackjack hand. In many cases, you’ll have to make multiple decisions.

Here’s an example of this:

  • You’re dealt 7-7.

  • The dealer’s up card is 6.

  • You split your hand and now have 15 In one hand and 17 in the other.

  • You now have at least one new decision with each of the two new hands.

At the minimum, you’ll need to decide whether to stand or hit. The only exception is when you’re dealt a natural blackjack.

Blackjack only becomes more skillful when you get into the strategy side. You’ll not only have to decide whether to hit, stand, split, or double down, but you also have to think about the best choice.

The Luck Side

You can have perfect command of blackjack strategy and still lose more than the person next to you. This is where the luck aspect comes into play.

As with any casino game, blackjack isn’t 100% skillful. You still need some help from Lady luck to win money.

Here’s an example on when good fortune comes into play:

  • You’re dealt 5-7.

  • The dealer’s up card is 10.

  • You hit and draw a 9—good for 21 overall.

  • The dealer hits and draws an 8, thus losing to you.

Of course, luck can also burn you when it goes in the casino’s favor. You might have a good hand and use perfect strategy, only to still lose.

The following example illustrates this point:

  • You’re dealt 9-J.

  • The dealer’s up card is 5.

  • You stand due to your 19 and the dealer having a poor upcard. The dealer draws 5 and 10—good for a winning score of 20.

You can’t really do much when situations like these happen. The good news, though, is that luck will go for you many times too.

Which Aspect Has the Biggest Impact: Skill or Luck?

You can see that both luck and skill play important roles in blackjack results.

But which of these aspects is more important, or rather pronounced?

Despite its obvious strategic element, blackjack is mostly about the luck factor. Even if you’re an absolutely awful blackjack player, you’ll still achieve around 90% RTP (10% house edge).

90% RTP in blackjack is nothing to cheer about. In fact, many of the worst-paying slot machines pay around this amount.

Nevertheless, you can still win most of your money back even as a bad player. With really good luck, you could even win profits.

Why You Should Definitely Study Blackjack Strategy

Just because blackjack results are mostly due to luck, it doesn’t mean you should skip over strategy. In fact, you should definitely be looking over this game’s strategy.

Blackjack is one of the few casino games that gives you a significant degree of control. You can take advantage of this factor by mastering basic strategy.

On the right table, you’ll face less than a 1% house edge so long as you’re a good player. When lowering the house edge this much, you just need some luck on your side.

The great thing is that you don’t even have to dedicate hours to becoming a strong player. As I’ll cover in the next section, you just need the right resources and a little time.

Tips for Improving Your Blackjack Winnings

As explained above, strategy is important in blackjack. You can use the following tips to help boost your winnings.

Learn Basic Strategy

Basic blackjack strategy is the background to becoming a stronger player. It teaches you what decisions to make in each situation.

For Example:

You may wonder if you’re supposed to hit or stand with a 12 versus a dealer’s up card of 5. By looking at a strategy chart, you’ll know when to hit or stand.

This game gets particularly tricky when it comes to splitting and doubling down. Again, a chart provides an indication on when to make each these moves.

You don’t have to look hard to find these charts across the internet. In fact, here’s a blackjack strategy chart that you can begin using to make optimal decisions.

Choose Quality Games

Aside from luck and strategy, the game rules also notably affect your chances of winning. You can be as good of a blackjack player as any. If the rules aren’t favorable, though, you’ll be dealing with a bigger house edge no matter what.

The natural blackjack payout is the biggest rule that you should be aware of. Specifically, you want a 3:2 payout for a natural versus 6:5. A 3:2 payoff reduces the house edge by 1.39% when compared to the latter.

The number of decks has the second biggest impact on the house advantage. A single deck, for example, lowers the house edge by 0.48% and 0.5% compared to six and eight decks, respectively.You also want to pay attention to if the dealer hits or stands on a soft 17. The house edge goes down by 0.2% when they stand.

The goal is to find enough favorable rules that you’ll enjoy a better chance to win. A house advantage of 0.5% or less is ideal.

Play at the Right Stakes

Blackjack comes in a wide variety of stakes. Online blackjack allows you to play for anywhere between $5 and $500 per hand. The average land-based table starts stakes at $5 to $25 and goes up to $500.

Higher stakes, whether they be $10 or $100 to you, can provide more thrills. They also deliver more money on a hot streak.

However, you certainly don’t want to play at a level that’s above your bankroll. You should consider choosing stakes that allow you to play for a while.

Here’s an example on how to do this:

  • You normally bet $2 per hand (online).

  • You typically play around 200 hands an hour.

  • 2 x 200 = $400 wagered per hour

  • The house edge of your favorite game is 0.5%.

  • 200 x 0.005 = $1 in hourly losses

  • You have a $100 bankroll.

  • 100 / 1 = 100

  • Your bankroll will theoretically last for 100 hours at $2 stakes.

Go for Bonuses and Rewards

You don’t have to rely solely on your blackjack winnings. Instead, you can also go for bonuses and loyalty rewards that’ll pad your bankroll.

Some online casinos offer blackjack bonuses. With these deals, you’ll receive a match on your deposit up to a certain amount. For example, you might be eligible for a 100% match bonus worth up to $200.

Loyalty rewards are available in both online and brick-and-mortar casinos. Through these programs, you’ll earn points that can be exchanged for various comps. Cashback is one of the most-popular ways to spend loyalty points.

Consider Card Counting

If you’re really adamant about blackjack, then you should check out card counting. This advantage play technique can give you an edge over casinos.

You can quickly master the Hi-Lo system and begin practicing it. Once you feel comfortable enough, you can put your skills to the test in a live game.

The Hi-Lo can provide up to a 1.5% advantage when used correctly. Of course, this edge doesn’t guarantee short-term profits.

That said, you should have several thousand dollars in your bankroll before beginning on this journey. Otherwise, you could quickly lose your funds if luck doesn’t go your way in the beginning.


Blackjack is like any other casino game in that luck is the biggest determining factor. Most results are based on what you and the dealer are dealt.

However, blackjack is also unique in that it features more skill that just about any other casino game. By mastering basic strategy and choosing a good game, you can lower the house edge to 0.5% or less.

You could even take things further and count cards in a brick-and-mortar casino. The catch, though, is that the difficulty level increases quite a bit.

Regardless, you don’t have to simply rely on luck to win in blackjack. You can also use strategy to boost your winnings.

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