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Is Baccarat an Easy Card Game to Play in Mines Games Casino?

There are some casino card games that are best described as very easy to play games and some that will take a lot of time of your to master playing. Fortunately, if you are thinking of playing Baccarat then that is one of the easier casino card games to learn, in fact it will take you less than a minute to pick up the basics of how to play it online!

Baccarat is simply a card game on which two hands will be dealt out, and you can select one of three possible outcomes of those hands, and if you guess the outcome correctly you will win, guess incorrectly and you will lose!

Those two hands include a Bankers Hand and a Players Hand, however for betting purposes you can also place a bet on something known as a Tied Hand as well. The Dealer will deal a set number of cards to the Players and Bankers hand and whichever one has a final total value as near to 9 as is possible will be deemed to be the winning hand.

Baccarat Betting Opportunities

Before a game of Baccarat starts you will have to decide whether you wish to place a bet on the Bankers, Players or the Tied Hand. You simply point your mouse at the betting box you wish to place a bet on and click your chips onto the betting box.

Once you have placed your wager you then simply click onto the Deal button and the cyber Dealer will then deal out the cards to each hand. Once the last card has been dealt out the hand that wins will be declared as the winning hand and you will then be paid out if you have won or your losing chips will be removed from the screen.

The table stake limits however are going to vary from casino site to casino site, usually the very lowest bet permitted is as low as 1.00, however some online casino sites will have some very high maximum bet limits in place which can and often are as high as 1000.00 or even higher.

So it is very safe to say that there will be a staking option to suit your bankroll when and if you do decide to play Baccarat online at any of our featured online casino sites, so do consider playing it soon online!

Baccarat Winning Payouts

To determine whether Baccarat is going to be a casino card game you will enjoy playing you will of course need to know just how much you stand to win when playing it online in a real money playing environment.

Keep in mind that all of our handpicked casino sites will also allow you to play Baccarat at their casino sites for free so you can sample the delights of playing it at no risk if you so desire!

The winning payouts you will receive will be determined by just which hand you have bet on and obviously that hand will have to win for you to receive a winning payout!

If you bet on the Bankers Hand you are paid out at even money less a 5% hour commission. If you bet on the Players Hand however and that hand wins you are paid out at even money but do not have any commission to pay.

The odds and winning payouts associated with the Tied Hand bet however can vary in size as many different software companies offer different payout odds on that betting position. However, one fairly standard payout for a winning Tied Hand bet is 8 to 1.


As you have just discovered above, Baccarat is going to be a casino card game you can play at any time and for more or less any stake level you like and it is not a card game that requires any special skills nor will you have to spend days, weeks or even money mastering how to play it as you may have to do if you choose to play Blackjack games instead.

With there being free play version of the real money Baccarat tables freely on offer at some of our many different reviewed online and some mobile casino sites then do feel free to give some of those games a try at no risk.

Be aware also that some of our online casino sites in addition to their software driven Baccarat games will also have alive Baccarat game on offer on which you will be playing against a real live Dealer and will be sat around a real life Baccarat table playing alongside other players but all from the comfort of your own home.

The live gaming platforms and live Baccarat tables can only be accessed in a real money playing environment however so keep that in mind!

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