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Inter Casino: Play Online Mines Games Tips Casino and Win

An aptly named player that goes by the moniker Lucky has just won a $199,276.00 mega-jackpot on InterCasinos popular Rags to Riches progressive Sots Machines.

But what make this win extra special for the slot hound is that her win came just one month after taking her early retirement.

It couldnt come at a more opportune time. I just took an early retirement from work and this is going to pay off my house. I left work on June 13th and I go into full retirement at March 1st, so this will hold me over just fine, said Lucky.

Lucky, who has been an InterCasino player since 2001, describes the moment she realized that she won the Rags to Riches mega-jackpot:

I couldnt believe it, I was very surprised. I put $30 in and I was on my last 3 coins. My game is usually Video Poker, but I finished playing that and thought, I wonder what the progressive jackpots are because I told my husband last summer that I was going to win Rags to Riches one day.

I called my husband, who was away, and he just didnt believe me. He called me back and asked me is this a joke? and I just said no, its not. I called him several times and he just wasnt excited about it. But when he got home he finally believed me and now he is as excited as I am.

Luckys lucky streak didnt begin with her $199,276 progressive jackpot win, she has been a lucky lady since she began playing at InterCasino.

Just from my winnings from InterCasino I paid off my jeep six months after I bought it, its a brand new Grand Cherokee. I got my husband a new truck last winter, and we got a third car, a little commuter car, and I have bought myself a bunch of really nice jewelry. The only thing we owe on is our house, and now InterCasino has taken care of that too. I feel like writing them a thank you note.

So what advice does this consistent winner have for aspiring net gamblers? Be careful and gamble responsibly. I really think I am a responsible gambler but I still manage to win.

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