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Importance of Food in Our Daily Life and Playing Online Casino

The importance of food for life is almost similar to the need for oxygen for living. If the lack of oxygen can kill living beings in minutes then lack of food consumption can kill them in days. Both are necessary if the person wants to continue living. The food that we consume is there to fulfill the nutritious requirements of the body. Certainly, there is a variety of food that we intake. Everyone has their preferences when it comes to food; some people are vegetarian (that means they rely on a plant-based diet for their survival) and most are omnivorous (which means they consume both plants and meat for their food). No matter what one consumes, the food should be full of nutrition that a human body requires to perform well.

Every living cell in the human body is dependent on fats, nutrients, and calories that are present in the food we consume. However, the importance of food is not only limited to sustaining life. Although it is the basic function of food and other things would not matter without serving its main function. There are various sources of food. The primary sources are plants and animals. The oil, meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, herbs, tea, chocolate, coffee, wheat, dairy, etc. are obtained from these primary sources. Not all food items are produced from plants and animals like mushrooms, they are obtained from edible fungi.

Food has become an integral part of our social lives, economy, and comfort. Here are the ways that food has become significant for us.

Importance of Food for Human Life

No doubt that human life is dependent upon food consumption. Without food, there is no life.

Food is Essential for Survival

Humans work – do various jobs and earn money – to put food on their tables. If there is no requirement of nutrients and food by our bodies, everything else does not matter. The food that we consume converts into glucose that generates by reacting with the oxygen that we inhale and water. This energy runs every body organ and cell.

Food and Celebrations

Food over the years has become more than just a means of survival. Humans have incorporated food in many other areas of their life. One of them is the need for food for celebrations. The importance of food in our festivals and celebrations is evident from the amount ad thought we spend on food at weddings, parties, religious festivities, and social get-togethers. Even the funerals are not devoid of food items for the people who participated. This shows the role of food in every area of our lives.

Food is Important for Success in Other Areas of Life

The place of food is always left in social events. It has become a source of social bonding or social activities through the years. In places where food needs are met, people move on to other areas of life like friendships, relationships, etc. Abraham Maslow in his hierarchy of life explained this concept that when the basic requirements (such as food, shelter, security) of individuals’ lives are met they then move on to other areas like forming relationships, social status, and eventually self-actualization.

Cultural Representation Through Food

Food is one of the main attractions of a culture. Different cultures in the world have a variety of food items that are present only in their culture. It is said that when you want to familiarize someone with your culture, the easiest and most effective way is through food. Different food items represent a different culture, history, and evolution. Many food items that have become part of various cultures are produced by wars, emergencies, and their climate. People have made these food items a part of their culture to remember and appreciate.

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