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Almost everyone is interested in the question – how to win at slots? But first, you have to learn how to pick a slot machine. Choosing the best slot machine to play is not easy. Get ready to spend a lot of time on this, because most likely your eyes will run wild from all this variety. Online slots differ from each other in the plot, music, and additional features. In addition, the main distinguishing feature of the slots is the number of spinning reels. There is no common classification of online slots, however, in addition to classic online slots, where there are only 3 reels, it is also customary to distinguish video slot machines (mainly, they have 5 reels), 3D slots, progressive jackpot slots, Multi Paylines slots, Fruit machines, Bonus Games slots, etc.

Here are slot machine tips that will help you learn how to identify the main types of slot machines and understand what is the difference between them.

  • Classic slots are online slot machines that have 3 spinning reels and up to 9 paylines. They are very reminiscent of the old-fashioned one armed bandits. This is an ideal option for beginners, as it will not be difficult to understand the pay table.

  • Video slots usually have 5 spinning reels. This type of slot machine differs from the classic ones in that it has more advanced graphics and additional animation.

  • 3D slots – these games are very similar to video slots, but they have 3D graphics, which makes the game even more exciting.

  • Progressive Jackpot slots – differ from other slot machines in that they have a progressive jackpot. This means that the jackpot grows as players place their bets, and each player has the opportunity to hit this jackpot at any time and win big.

  • Multi Paylines slots – have more paylines than regular slot machines. These paylines can be not only straight, but also diagonal or even zigzag.


Be sure to pick the slot that you like the most. However, all the above parameters and characteristics of slots are a matter of taste. If you want to know how to win at slots, first, you must understand all the possible characteristics and parameters of the slots. To my mind, one of the best way to find a winning slot is to know its payout percentage. The higher the payout percentage of the slot, the higher your chances of winning. The RTP of most slots is 93-98%, but I would not advise you to choose such slots, I recommend choosing really winning slots with an RTP of at least 95%. I already wrote an article on Payout Percentage. Be sure to read it, there is a lot of useful and interesting information.


Progressive slots differ from classic slots. They do not have a clearly defined slot machine jackpot amount, and the jackpot can reach absolutely any size. Usually such slots are linked in dozens of casinos, and the more players play a particular slot, the larger the jackpot becomes.

Before deciding between classic and progressive jackpot slots, keep in mind that progressive slots have higher volatility. This means that a player can win very rarely, but the winning can be very large. If you just want to get vivid emotions in pursuit of a big jackpot, choose progressive slots (in this case, I advise you to pay attention to progressive jackpot slots from reliable developers such as NetEnt and Microgaming). However, I still recommend choosing classic slot machine games – although the winnings here are less, you have a much higher chance of getting it.


When online casinos add a new slot to a site, they want to quickly make it popular among players. That is why the online casino organizes promotions and gives additional bonuses and free spins for a new game.

Usually, online casinos place new video slots in a special section “NEW” in the most prominent place on the main page of the site. Also, do not forget to follow the Promotions section of the online casino in order not to miss this great opportunity to play the new slot and get a cool bonus on it.


In addition to the payout percentage, be sure to pay attention to such an equally important parameter as volatility. Volatility indicates the level of risk in the slot game, and characterizes the frequency and size of the players’ winnings. The higher the volatility of the slot, the less often the player wins, but the larger his winnings. And vice versa, the lower the volatility of the online slot, the more often the player wins, but the winnings is not so big.

High volatility slots are characterized by a high level of risk. This means that such slots rarely give out winning combinations, but you can win big. As a rule, such machines are preferred by people who have enough time, patience and an impressive bankroll to wait for a big win.

Medium volatility slots are characterized by medium risk and are very popular among gamblers. Such games are suitable for those who do not have a large bankroll and at the same time prefer not to sit without winnings, albeit small ones. As for me, I think that medium volatility slots are the best slots to play.

Low volatility slots are characterized by many small winning combinations. That is, such games have a low level of risk. They are suitable for gamblers who do not chase big jackpots, but prefer frequent small payouts and minimum bets.

You may not always be able to find information about volatility in the description of the slot or in its pay table. In such cases, look for this information in the reviews on the slot, or on the players’ forums. I always recommend that beginners choose games with low volatility, because in this case, the likelihood of losing a significant amount of money is much lower.


Be sure to carefully study the rules of the slot you are going to play. For example, some jackpots or bonuses require a minimum bet to win. Therefore, be sure to carefully read the rules of the slot game before starting it so as not to lose sight of these important points.

By the way, from my personal experience, I can give the following advice: read gambling forums and other players` reviews on this or that slot. Believe me, any experience, even if it is not yours, is important. There are a lot of slots discussions on the Internet, where players share their personal experiences, talk about their mistakes and give advice on how to win on slot machines.


This is one of the most important steps in any slot strategy. Take your time to press Spin. First, take a close look at the pay table. Every online slot has its own pay table, which is the key to understanding its operation and the expected winnings. In this table, you will find the meaning and value of the main and additional symbols that will appear on the spinning reels, as well as the winning combinations that these symbols can form.

I advise you to find the pay table of a particular slot before you start playing it for real money. Study it carefully. Since all slots differ in the number of game symbols and paylines, some of them are a little more difficult to understanding than others. In addition, in the pay table of online slots, you will find information on special features, bonus games, and minimum wagering requirements to activate all of these additional game options.

All this information will give you a clear understanding of the online slot.

Let’s take a look at the pay table of one of the best slots – Starmania by NextGen Gaming.

From the picture above, it becomes clear that Starmania slot has Wild and Scatter symbols. It also becomes clear that Wild symbol substitutes for all symbols except Scatter symbol. From the pay table you can also understand how many times the rate is multiplied if you get a certain amount of Scatter symbol. And, for example, from the following pictures from the pay table, you can understand the rules and the paylines to expect on the spinning reels in order to win.


Players are constantly looking for slot machine tips and trying to develop a winning strategy on how to win at slots. Very often, they forget about the simplest and most obvious things that can significantly increase the chances of winning at slots. This piece of advice is one of those simple but important tips.

When have chosen a slot, do not rush to immediately replenish your balance and play real money slots. First, check if this slot has a demo version.

By far the best way to learn how to play slot online is by playing the demo version. There are a huge number of sites on which you can understand the principle of the game and practice. Therefore, do not rush to immediately place real bets, but first, get used to the slot.

Almost all existing categories of these casino games can be found in demo mode. Therefore, choose games that suit you the most.


Be sure to pay attention to this piece of advice. Honestly, I think this is one of the most useful tips on how to win at slots. Almost all online casinos give their players numerous bonuses. Often this is additional bonus money or free spins for a particular online slot. These casino bonuses are usually presented in the form of a First Deposit Bonus and are available to new players.

However, if you no longer have the opportunity to take advantage of the Welcome Bonus, do not be discouraged. Most online casinos are not limited to just deposit bonus, and give players additional bonus money and free spins, for example, on a specific day of the week. Therefore, explore all the available bonuses of your favorite casino or find another one with more generous bonus offers.

After examining all the bonuses of as many casinos as possible, you are most likely to find a bonus for the slot you are going to play. And if you haven’t decided on a slot yet, this is a great reason to quickly make a choice.


Guys, this is one of the best slot machine tips on how to win on slot machines. If you have already chosen a slot, studied its features, read the forums and even played the demo version – look for a game stream for this slot. On YouTube, you will find many guys who stream the process of the game, their losses and winnings.

Sometimes it’s impossible to tear yourself away from these videos. These videos are not only hilarious, but also informative. Watching streams is very useful, especially in our case, when our main goal is to collect the most detailed information about a particular slot.

By the way, our team also has a cool steamer – Denis mrBigSpin. He has his own dedicated slot machines YouTube channel, where you can watch the streams. Believe me, they are never boring.


First, before starting the slot game, decide on the amount that you can afford to lose, and do not go beyond the established framework. Sometimes we cannot stop the game in time, even if the game goes unlucky.

Be sure to set a budget for one game, and never go overboard. Also define your long-term budget, ideally for a month. Think about how much you can spend per month to play slots, and based on this amount of money, calculate the frequency and duration of your games.

Often, in a fit of emotions from a loss, you want to continue the game, because it seems that you are about to get lucky. Many players are not stopped even by the fact that they have run out of money. They borrow money and go into debt. Do not do this under any circumstances! Learn to control yourself, and get used to self-discipline. Follow your allocated budget. If you run out of money and the desire to play is not over, it is better to play free slots and return to playing for real money another time.

Remember, feelings of excitement cannot always play into your hands. Know how to stop in time. Think about what amount of money you can afford to lose and not to be upset. If you see that you are unlucky today, it is better to return to the game another day.


Most modern online casino slot machines offer special features to players. This, for example, can be a quick game or auto play. These features will help you speed up your gambling process.

In addition, as I mentioned above, some casino slot machines have additional bonus features, such as a bonus round, a bonus game, and others. These additional features increase your chance of winning. However, do not forget that sometimes you need to fulfill the minimum wagering requirements to activate casino slot machines bonus features, so be sure to find this information in the pay table of the online slot.

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