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How to Utilize One Hour Free Play Bonus Offers in Mines Games Casino

By taking a look through our individual casino reviews and checking out the bonus tables we have on this website, you are going to be able to very quickly find out just what type of casino bonuses are currently on offer from each of our featured casino sites.

There are going to be no deposit bonuses worth claiming and some high valued deposit match bonuses and some casino sites that are giving you access to fee sets of slot spins that you can claim and keep the winnings from!

However, there are also some casinos that you will find that are offering their players something known as a one hours free play type of bonus offer. Those bonuses are actually quite generous, for the way they have been designed means that you will not have to initially make a deposit to claim them and could win big when using them.

In this casino bonus guide we will be explaining and enlightening you as to how a one hour free play bonus has been designed and how you can claim them and the best ways to play them off in the hope you will end up cashing out some sizeable amounts of cash, so do please read on!

How Are One Hour Free Play Bonuses Designed?

There is nothing that complicated about the way in which a one hour free play bonus offer will have been designed however keep in mind that it is mainly Microgaming software powered casino sites that offer this type of bonus offer.

You will also be required to utilize the downloadable gaming platform when accessing this type of bonus offer and by doing so when you log into your newly opened casino account for the very first time you will see in the lobby of that casino a button to click to opt into the one hour free play promotion.

When you do a new window will appear and form that window you will then be given access to all of the games that you can play, and your one hour free play bonus credits will appear in the credit meter box of that window too.

You then have to play ca certain number of games for up to one hour until your hour runs out or until you have placed a certain number of bets, and any winnings you achieve over and above your starting balance will be used to determine how much of those credits you can then claim a bonus funds.

However, when you do want to turn those winnings into playable bonus credits you will be required to put a small amount of your own money at risk, so be prepared to make a small nominal deposit and when you do so those winning you made from the one hour free play up to a certain amount as dictated by the terms and conditions of the bonus offer will be added to your account.

Best Way to Play a One Hour Free Play Bonus

Many people have different strategies for using up their one hour free play bonus credits, probably the best strategy we have seen and one that you may be interested in adopting is a playing strategy on which you play for high stake amounts.

Instead of you playing or example a slot game for your usual small amount you crank up the stakes and play for higher stakes, the logic behind doing so is that with some luck in playing you may spins in a high valued winning payout which could then allow you to them lower your stakes to guarantee you will end the session in profit.

Also as those bonus credits are costing you nothing initially to claim then you have nothing to lose by playing for higher than usual stake amounts and could win big when going so!

Which Casinos Offer One Hour Free Play Bonuses?

As mentioned above it tends to be Microgaming software powered online casinos sites that do tend to offer the one hour free play type of bonuses, and when you are interested in claiming them it will be via their download platforms as opposed to their instant play ones you will be accessing he bonus credits and casino games from.

However, one thing worth us pointing out that many instant play casinos may offer a similar type of welcome bonus and that will be a free set of slots spins. When you claim this type of bonus offer the casino site will automatically credit you a set number of free spins on one of their slots and any winnings you achieve subject to any play through requirements will be yours to keep, so look out for those types if bonus offers too!

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