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How Spreading Wilds Work in Online Mines Game Casino

Wild symbols are one of the most commonly found symbols attached to online, mobile and even land based slot games, and the one thing that every single type of wild symbol shares is that when they have been spun in they can help you form winning combinations, due to the fact they stand in for most other reel symbols.

However, it will soon become very apparent to you when you make the very wise decision of playing slot games available from Instant Play NetEnt Casino Sites that there are a huge range of special wild symbols which can and will offer a wide range of bonus features in addition to those symbols simply standing in for other reel symbols.

With that in mind this slot playing guide is going to be looking at how a fairly new type of wild symbols works and operates and that symbol is the Spreading Wild reel symbols. Please read for an overview of how those symbols work when they have been spun in, for they do offer the chance of helping you win some rather large winning payouts with some luck in playing!

What are Spreading Wild Symbols?

If you end up playing a slot game on which there are Spreading Wilds symbols in play on either the base game of that slot or on the bonus game or even on both the base and bonus game then you will want to see those special reel symbols spinning in as often as possible.

It is going to be the video slot games that tend to have these types of will symbols attached to their reels and as such you will not find any of the older three reel slots offering such a set of reel symbols.

Whenever you have spun in one or even more than one of the spreading wild symbols you will find the wild symbols will spread over the screen by one of several different methods and any additional reel positions or reel symbols they touch as they are spreading over the screen then the more wild symbols that will end up being added to the slot game screen.

You will find the winning potential of slots on which there are Spreading Wild symbols in play can be enormous and as such do look out of those types of slot games when you next chose to play online!

Slots with Spreading Wild Symbols

There are lots of slot games which do have spreading wild symbols on offer and we have seen them readily available at casino sites sign the Microgaming range of slot game and also available at the instant play NetEnt software powered online casinos sites too.

One slot game we did enjoy playing was the Creature from the Black Lagoon slot game and that slot has a special set of free spins which can and will eventually be awarded to you as you play off the base game on the slot.

When that free spins feature round has been awarded to you then by saving up special reel symbols that spin in on the target position on the slot game screen you will find some sets of spreading wild symbols can come into play during the free spins feature around and when that happens you will want to see as many of those reels symbols spinning in, for when they start to spread across the screen your chance so forming one or more than one winning combinations will be increased very noticeably, so do try and play this slot online soon!


The slot games which let you pick off a set of different bonus games when you have spun in a certain number of bonus or scatter symbols often have one of those bonus games which offer a set of Spreading Wild symbols in play, then you will have to determine if that bonus game is going to be as exciting to play off as one of the other options you could pick from.

The one thing to keep in mind that you will have lots of different results when you play off any type of slot games bonus games, some can be terribly low paying bonus rounds and some of them will payout mid ranged payouts and every now and then a huge payout could be awarded to you.

So if you do have a range of different bonus game options available to you when playing a slot always try and pick a different one and do so knowing the slot is random and weather the winning payout you achieve is what you have own, and do not be too disappointed if you only win a small amount o cash when playing off a bonus game, as the next one could be a huge paying one!

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