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How Random are Online Slot Mines Games Casino?

To ensure that both you and any online casino operator offering slot games are getting a fair chance of winning, every single slot game you will come across online is completely random.

You will of course want it to be you that end up winning when playing slot games online as opposed to the casino operator winning your bankroll off you! However, thanks to the random nature of online slots you will always have a fair and reasonable chance of beating the casino.

When you have chosen the stake levels and the number of pay lines you wish to have in play on any online slot and then click onto the spin button, the slot game software will then request a random number from the random number generator controlling the slot you are playing.

Once that number has been received the slot will then display the respective symbols on the slot game screen, if a winning outcome was selected then you will of course win, however if a losing outcome was selected via the random number then a losing outcome will be displayed on the slot game screen. Every single slot machine will have been independently certified as being random and fair before going live.

RTP’s Will Vary

Whist you will of course get a fair and random outcome out of every single slot game you play online, one thing to keep in mind and this is very important is that the payout percentages which are also known as RTP’s are going to vary.

Each slot will have a theoretical payout percentage that over the long term that slot will payout to players based on the amount of cash fed through each slot and then played off, however on each session you do play the single session payout percentage will vary.

Sometimes when playing a slot for example you may not get many winning spins or may not get many bonus games and/or bonus features triggering and as such the payout percentage you will achieve will be a low one for that session.

One the other hand you may have some winning slot playing sessions, and when you do so it can be easy to achieve payout percentages on those winning session way higher than 100%, so keep in mind whilst slots are completely random the payout percentages you will achieve will always vary, and often quite wildly too, and that is obviously why many people play slots, for a very exciting gambling session and one they can never predict the outcome on!

Variance Affects Your Winning Chances

Another thing that we would always advise you to be aware of is that each slot you come across will have been configured to play out with one of three different types of variance in play on them.

The slots on which you will often find you spin in a large number of low valued winning payouts and slots that do tend to award their respective bonus games frequently are known as low variance slots and are very low risk slots to play.

However, you will also come across some high variance slots that tend to award much bigger valued winning payouts occasionally but at the expense of the lower valued winning payouts.

If you want a medium type of risk in play on nay online or mobile slot game you choose to play then you will be much better off playing the medium variance slots for those slots games can award all manner of different valued winning payout and they do also tend to be offering slot players something of a fully rounded type of slot playing experience too.


One way that you are going to get a feeling for just how any slot games play and pay is by you first playing a range of different slot machines for free at various different casino sites.

You will find a range of top rated casino sites, both mobile and online casinos listed on our website and each of those casinos have been fully reviewed by us. We would therefore suggest that you make use of those reviews and select a range of different casino sites to sign up to and then set about playing their slot games for free.

That way you will then know just what type and categories of slot games are available at each site and as the free play slot games play and pay in an identical way to the real money slots, with the only difference being you will be playing free play slots with demo credits, you will then be in a much more informed position to decide which online or mobile slot you enjoy playing the most and can then always set about playing them for real money.

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