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How Mines Games Bonuses Type Affects Your Chances of Winning Money

Note that your choice of deposit method can limit how and when you can withdraw money. For example, some casinos will not allow you to withdraw the same way you deposited. A good way to avoid this is to use a method like Bitcoin, which is frequently supported for both kinds of transactions. Plus, Bitcoin withdrawals are processed much faster than debit card withdrawals (up to 24 hours vs. 3-4 business days).

Further, some casinos have high withdrawal fees, or low maximum payout limits, which might require you to split up your withdrawal requests over time. As with the deposit terms, it’s important to read up on the banking policies of each site to thoroughly evaluate your options. You’ll find in-depth analysis of each casino’s banking options in our independent casino reviews.

How Game Type Affects Your Chances of Winning Money If your primary motivation at a casino is to win actual money, then the type of game you choose can play a huge role. While games like slots can come with giant jackpots, your chance of winning those jackpots is typically on the low side — the house edge is high. Meanwhile, a game like blackjack might offer smaller wins, but the skill component means you’ll have the chance to win more often — the house edge is much lower.

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