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How Does House Edge Affect My Winning Chances in Mines Games Casino?

We do hope you are making full use of our many different casino articles and casino game playing guides, for each of them have been compiled to allow you to select the best games to play and also to hopefully help you increase your winning chances.

One aspect of playing casino games that you really should be fully aware of, much more so if you are new to playing those types of games of chance, is that each of them will be designed in a completely different way.

However, every single casino game you will come across will have its own unique house edge. House edge is the amount of cash referred to as a percentage of the stake you are wagering on any casino game that the casino expects to win off your over the long term.

The way in which the house edge can be worked out is by the payout schedule associated with any game and the rules of that game. Therefore the lower the house edge found on absolutely any casino game the more of your stakes that you will receive back over the long term when playing that particular game in a real money playing environment.

What Casino Games Have Low House Edges?

There are lots of different types of casino games that you can play online which do boats some very low house edges and with that in mind we shall now enlighten you as to which games they are.

The first casino game which does have a low house edge is Baccarat, and when playing that game you should forget about placing a wager on the tied hand betting opportunity as that betting option has an enormous house edge, instead concentrate your efforts on the much lower house edge Bankers Bet or Players Bet.

You will find most Blackjack games do boast a very low house edge, however also do keep in mind that to keep the house edge as low as is possible you should always play each variant with the best and most optimal strategy.

Many Video Poker games do boast a low house edge and as such you will be best advised to learn how to play those casino card games with the very best strategy as that will ensure the house edge you are always up against is the lowest one possible based on the pay table of the variant you are playing!

Can I Affect the House Edge?

You will never be able to affect the house edge on games such as slot machines and many casino poker card games as there is no aspect of skill required in playing hose games, and as such you can and will find you can have both winning and losing session but each sessions outcome will be down to luck and chance.

However, when you are playing some games such as both blackjack and video poker games there is an element of skill involved in those games, and it will be the way you play each game that will have a direct effect on what your overall long term house edge will be.

When playing video poker games for example one way that you can ensure you always play optimally is by turning on the auto hold option, and when playing blackjack games make sure you get a blackjack strategy card for that variant which will show you the best way to play every single hand you have been dealt out when faced with the up facing dealers initial card!

Should I Use Casino Bonuses?

The reason why casino bonuses are so readily available to players is that by making use of many of them you will have an increased starting bankroll, which many players are looking to have.

However, online casinos wouldn’t be in business for very long if they just gave away free cash to their players to play their range of games without putting into place lots of rules in regards to their bonus offers, and every single bonus offer you will be offered will come with a play through requirement.

That mean you have to play your bonus funds a certain number of times before you can cash anything out form your account, and each time you play through your bonus one time that will mean your expected returns and your bankroll will get smaller and smaller due to the house edge of those game you are playing.

However, if you do have a very good run of luck when you are using bonus credits then there will always be the chance that you will be able to achieve the play through requirements and may end up with a large amount of cash you can cash out, however that will be down to luck more than skill!

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