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How Do I Use Promo and Bonus Codes in Mines Games Casino?

The way in which all online and mobile casino sites are going to credit any bonuses they have on offer to players can and will vary from casino to casino.

You may find that when playing at some casino sites when you make a deposit any bonus you have been offered or qualified for is added to your account the very second you make your deposit.

However, when you play at such a site you are then forced to have to use those bonuses even if they are not really worth claiming, unless you contact the customer support team before you start to play to get the bonus credits removed from your account.

But more and more casinos are moving over to a promo or bonus code claiming system and this gives players the maximum flexibility and allows players to claim only the bonuses they want to claim.

You will find displayed on a casinos website a special code for each bonus you can claim, and when you make a deposit you imply enter that code into the banking interface and when you make our deposit your bonus is added to your account.

Which are the Most Generous Bonus Codes?

One question we are always being asked is just which bonuses are the very best ones to claim and which give players the best chance of actually winning and winning big!

There are several different aspects of claiming a casino bonus via a promo code or bonus code system that you need to be aware of to allow you to then determine just which bonuses really are going to be worth you claiming.

The first thing you should double check is whether the types of games you want to play can be played with the bonus credits awarded to you, if not then avoid claiming those bonus as you will not be able to play the games you know and enjoy playing!

Also you need to ensure that the play through requirements on the bonus you want to claim are low and also that there are no maximum cash out limits being imposed on you when claiming such a bonus. As it is you who claims bonuses via a promo code system you should only claim the most generous of bonuses!

Which Casinos Offer the Best Valued Bonus and Pomo Codes?

There are hundreds of different casinos that you can join up to and play at as a real money player, but if you are seeking out casinos that tend to offer the best valued bonus offers and bonus offers that are regularly on offer then there are a few different casino sites worth checking out.

What we have found is that all US based players are going to get showered with very high valued bonuses and promo codes when they make the very wise decision of signing up to any online casino sites that use the Real Time Gaming software platforms and their range of casino games so please be on the lookout for those casino sites.

However, all European and Asia based players as well as those who are living in New Zealand and Australia will be best advised to take a look at some of our featured casino sites that use the NetEnt or Microgaming software platforms as those casinos sites are going to offer you plenty of different casino bonuses, but they are also going to let you sign up and play in your own home currency too!


Never go hunting around the web for promo codes that other players may have been sent out via email, for those type of bonus codes and promo codes have usually been offered exclusively to those players and as such if you try and claim them you will often find the codes do not work, a you have not been invited to make use of them!

The promo codes can and will vary from casino to casino and if you want to find out for example what new players can claim via a new player welcome bonus the best place to look for those codes and bonuses is on the website of the casino and not any third party websites.

What you will often find is that other websites do not update the promo codes as often as they should do so you could waste many hours hunting for promo codes only to find the ones you do come across on various different websites have expired and are no longer available.

Always do read through the terms and conditions attached to any bonus offer you are thinking of claiming as often it is by reading the terms and conditions that you will find out just how generous or not a bonus really is!

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