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Do Comped Mines Games Casino Credits Need Playing Through?

Every casino site you will come across online will have some form of player reward scheme in place, and those schemes are usually known as comp clubs. When you set about playing the games on offer at such a casino site each wager you place for real money will be earning you comp points.

Those comp points will continue to accumulate in your comp club account each time you play in a real money playing environment and the aim of that loyalty scheme is to reward our custom and gaming action with playing credits.

You will be given the ability of exchanging your comp points for playing credits when you have saved up enough of them and the more points you earn the more comped playing credits you will be awarded with, and often the more points you do earn the higher up the many different tiers of a comp club you will progress.

The higher you do progress the more additional comps you will be awarded with and the lower the redemption rates will become in regards to turning your comp points into playing credits. So casinos will award your comped playing credits as cash credits and some will award them as bonus credits, the latter casinos will attach a play through requirement to your comp playing credits!

Comp Point Multipliers

Promotional offers are of course always going to be available to you no matter at which casino site you sign up to and play at, however many players tend not to want to claim deposit type of bonuses for by doing so they are not going to be in a position where they can cash out any winnings until they have achieved the play through requirements attached to bonuses!

With that in mind do look out for a comp point based type of promotional offer that many online casino sites will make available to you, for by making use of for example a comp point multiplier promotional offer you will find the number of comp points you will earn when playing for example a range of casino selected slot machines will be enhanced.

It is usually the themed slot games that are themed around the time of the year that will have those comp point multipliers attached to them. So look out for Easter themed slots at Easter time for example or Halloween themed slots at Halloween as those slot machines may award you lots of additional comp points when you play them at that time of the year!

When to Redeem Your Comp Points

Some online and mobile casinos may force you to redeem your comp points just once a month in fact we have come across a couple of online casino sites that will redeem your accumulated comp points on the last day of each month and as such you should always ensure you are playing at a casino site that give you more flexibility in regards to when you can cash in and exchange your comp points.

The majority of our fully approved and top rated casino sites are going to let all of their players cash in and redeem their comp points for playing credits at any time of the night or day and the entire system for redeeming your comp points at those sites is automated, so you will get your points redeemed for playing credits instantly!

Most players will however wait until they have a large number of comp points saved up in their casino comp club account before they cash them in for by doing so those players are going to get a much larger number of bonus playing credits than if they cashed them in when they only had a small number of them saved up!


Never underestimate the value of casino comps for you can achieve some very high payouts when you do redeem your accumulated comp points and turn them into playing credits!

But as part of your checklist of wants and demands from any casino sites you choose to play at we would encourage you to always ensure that you select a casino site that does have a very good players club on offer as that way you will get more rewards from your real money gambling action.

Obviously you are never going to earn comp points when you are playing for free, however that is a good way to initially discover if a casino site has the range of games on offer that you like playing the most and it is also a very good way to see if you do actually enjoy playing those game online.

Take a good look round our website for we are more than confident that every single casino we have reviewed is going to be giving you a fully rounded gaming experience and one you will always be rewarded for when playing for real money!

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