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Do Branded and Licensed Slot Mines Game Casino Payout Less?

As many of the slot game designers such as Microgaming, NetEnt and Playtech are spending small fortunes on securing the rights to bring out a range of slot games based around films, and even television game shows, one question that some slot players are asking is whether these new fully themed, brand and licensed slot games payout slightly less than other online slots.

This is a good question, for due to the way in which these companies are often forced to pay a royalty on slots based around television shows and blockbusting films and are often forced to pay an ongoing commission, then it could result in the companies supplying those games dropping down the long term expected payout percentages on those particular slots to compensate for the fees they are charged!

With this in mind below we take a look at some of the most popular brand and licensed slot games that have recently gone live and take a look in particular at the payout percentages each of these slots have been set to return to player’s over the long term operation of these games!

The Battlestar Galactica Themed Slot Game

Microgaming has recently brought out an all action slot game that is completely themed around the sci-fi show Battlestar Galactica. This slot is very popular with players, and we are happy to report that the long term expected payout percentage attached to this slot game is set very high at some 96.60%.

In fact that RTP is way higher than some of the other popular slot games found in Microgaming powered casinos, and as such if you are looking for a new slot to play and you love the Battlestar Galactica show, then why not get stuck into playing this one, for it should give you more than a sporting chance of having a winning session due to that higher than average RTP!

Hellboy Multi Stage Bonus Slot Game

Another slot game which has been themed around a popular film is Microgaming’s Hellboy slot. This game is highly playable for when playing it you can trigger a multi stage type of picking game which can and does often award some large winning payouts.

Having taken a good look through the way in which this licensed Hellboy slot game works, plays and operates we are happy to announce that its long term expected RTP is some 96.49%, and once again that is way higher than many other standard slot games found at various online casino sites.

Remember that when playing optional paylines slots such as this one, you are always in control in regards to just how much you wager per spin, and as such can play it as a low rolling slot or as a high rolling slot game!

The Osbournes Characters Slot Game

One slot game which is always a lot of fun to play is Microgaming’s the Osbournes Slot. Now it doesn’t take a generous to guess which family this slot game is themed around, it is of course Ozzy Osbournes rather unusual clan of family members!

Obviously to have a slot featuring a cast of well known celebrities Microgaming would have had to pay royalties and a licensing fee to bring out and launch this slot, however the price they paid has not been detrimental to the long term expected payout percentage that this slot game plays out to.

For if you do decide to give this slot game a try, and with several bonus games on offer and also a very large base game jackpot up for grabs, we think you should, you will be playing a slot which has a payout percentage of an above average 95.89%!

The Tomb Raider Series of Slots

There are in fact not one but two different slot games you can play online which are themed around the Tomb Raider film. The first is the original Tomb Raider slot and the second game is the Tomb Raider Secrets of the Sword slot game.

The first slot in the series was in fact one of the very first of many slots that Microgaming launched that was fully branded and licensed, and as such over the years it has become one of their most played and most popular slot games.

In case you are wondering if there are any differences in the payout percentages between these two brand and licensed slot games when comparing them to other non branded slots, then we are happy to report the original Tomb Raider slot has a RTP of 95.22% and the second slot game in this series returns a RTP of an ever so slightly higher 95.22%.

So if you loved the Tomb Raider films or read the books then make sure you give both of these two branded slot games a little play time online, for they will offer you lots of winning chances and a very entertaining type of slot playing session. Plus you are also able to play both slots for free if you would like to see just how good they are at no risk!


As you can see from the overview of each of the licensed and branded slot games listed above, there is no real difference in regards to the way these slot games play and pay when comparing them to any standard type of video slot found in online casino sites.

In fact the slots do tend to boast quite high payout percentages and the higher a slot games RTP is the more chance you will have of winning when playing it whenever you give it a try! So one tip for anyone considering playing slots online today would be to give any of the above slots some play time, for the winnings are always there for the taking!

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