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Do All Pays Slot Mines Game Casino Offer More Winning Chances?

It will not have gone unnoticed by you if you have logged into one of the many different online casinos recently and have had a browse through the slot game menu, that a lot of slots are now available offering something known as an All Ways Playing Structure.

What slot players need to be aware of is that when playing any of these types of slot games, which by the way are being launched almost monthly now by Microgaming, is that you are no longer in control of how many pay lines you can set into play!

You are therefore forced to play each spin on any All Ways slot game in such a way that each and every permutation of pay line in view on the slot games screen is activated. The number of visible reel symbols on each reel will dictate just how many ways to win and pay line permutations are in play on each of the many different types of these slots.

The most commonly found All Ways slot are those which give you 243 ways to win, and when playing this type of slot there are three visible reel symbols in view on each reel. Other All Ways slots include those with 4 reel symbols in view on each reel and those slots offer 1024 ways to win per spin. Finally we have the 3125 ways to win slots and those slots have five visible pay lines in view on each reel.

One question asked by many slot players is are you actually get more chances of winning when playing All Ways slots? The stake options available on these types of slots are very different from the way standard optional pay line slots work as you are forced to pay one set amount of coins per spin to play them, the most common stakes are 25, 30 or 50 coins or increment of those amounts upwards in value.

More Ways to Win Means More Winning Chances?

Obviously the more pay lines or ways to win a slot game has on offer should give you an increased chance of winning. However, you need to be aware that as the playing structure of an All Ways slot will guarantee you a winning payout as soon as three matching reel symbols spin in, on any reel position from reel one onwards and on consecutive reels, the way these All Ways slot have been designed is very different to other video slots.

The reel strips on All Ways slot games are huge, and whilst you may get the immediate impression your winning chances are going to be increased, the actual payout percentages on these slot games do compare well to those standard pay line structured slot games found online in large numbers!

So whilst you can get more ways to win, there is in fact no increase in the actual payout percentages on these types of slots, so do not be under the impression you simply cannot lose when playing them, as the opposite is just as true, and you are just as likely to have dry, non winning spins when playing any online slot game including any All Ways structured slot!

Benefits of Playing All Ways Structured Slot Games

One major benefit of playing an All Ways structured slot is that you do stand the chance of winning some massive amounts of cash, more so when you play those games which offer a set of Expanding or Stacked Wild Symbols, or some type of Wild symbol based bonus feature round.

As you are playing hundreds or possibly thousands of ways to win depending on just which slot you play, when those Wild symbols spin in and end up covering lot of reels in Wild symbols then the winning payouts can quickly add up to some very large amounts of cash.

When playing some of the All Ways slots which offer the randomly awarded Wild Reel bonus features, which see up to five of the reels instantly becoming completely wild reels, then you could win millions of coins if you see all five reels turning Wild!

So if you can afford to play these new breed of slot games based on the set coin increment you are forced to play each spin for, then you really should give them some play time, for you are highly unlikely to find a standard pay line structured slot that can award maximum winning jackpots as those found on these Always slot games!


You are not going to really know whether you are going o actually enjoy playing any type of slot games whether a standard pay line structure slot or one of the next generation of All Ways slots unless you actually give those slot games some play time.

If you do fancy giving any type of slot game a try online, then the best way for you to sample as many of them as you wish to play is to sign up to any of our listed and top rated casinos and log into your account as a guest player.

When you do this you can then playing any slot game that takes your eye in a complete no risk way, and this will let you try out as many different types of slots to see which kind of slots appeal to you the most, and then when you have shortlisted a range of slots you are then going to be able to play them for real money at a time and date of your own choosing.

If you do sign up as a new player at any of our listed casinos then you are going to be able to claim a sign up welcome bonus which will allow you to increase your slot playing bankroll, do checkout our recently added guide on How to Win Using a Casino Bonus, as it will guide you through every aspect of playing slot games with a bonus and show you how to increase your winning chances!

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